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Monday, 13 February 2012

The British Paranormal Romance

There are a lot of paranormal romance / urban fantasy books based in the USA, and not so many based in Great Britain.

When I started writing The Witching Pen Novellas, I was adamant I wanted it based in the UK. We have so much history here that could be regarded as magical, and the roots of our Pagan ancestors really don't run that far beneath the surface -- it's all still quite fresh in our history and folklore, from the tales of Robin Hood, to the mighty battles of King Arthur.

I've made my own magical history, of course, with The Witching Pen, but book three (The Demon Bride) will see an introduction of (my own) angel lore, using some elements of London and British history, that will kick start the spin-off novel, The Last Angel -- I'm stupidly excited about this!

So, be aware that within my books, I will use words like "radiator" to mean what you might know as thermostat or heater; "tube" means metro, "jumper" is a pullover or jersey, etc, etc. My characters are British-based and think in British words (although I do add a few Americanisms in there from time to time, after all we live in the 21st Century and the language barrier is eroding with the technology that we have).

Please bear with me, my American readers :) I try to make it all make sense.

And look out for more British paranormal books from me. I love this country I live in. I don't want to say that it's going "downhill" (although with the economy the way it is.....), but it was once SO great. Our knights / vigilantes were courageous, the women who waited for them held hearts of steel, and it's all still here.

I think that when most people think of romances, they don't think of the Brits -- we've earnt a reputation of breeding stiff upper lip men that show no emotion, and women who are too hard to love wholly. Codswallop. It's not just our men's lips that are stiff (if you know what I mean) -- it only hides a passion too great to express, and our women can seem cold because they love too hard.

Love Actually is one of my favourite romantic comedies, and I think it beautifully expresses the above.

Writing the paranormal, my characters are a little more kick-arsey than that, but the core principal is still the same.

I'd like to flood the market with paranormal fantasies and romances based in the UK. This country "totally rocks" :D

Dianna x


  1. No, our mens shirts can be rather stiff as well ;-P

  2. Oh, yeah, the shirts -- that's exactly what I was thinking of...