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This blog is the often amusing, sometimes dangerous den of two British writers of contemporary and paranormal romance, and urban fantasy. Most of our stories are based in the UK and our heroes and heroines are passionate Brits - yes, passionate Brits exist! Come on in out of the cold, pull up a chair and see for yourself...

Monday, 13 February 2012


Welcome to our cyber hangout "Not Just A Stiff Upper Lip!" We are your hosts, Elizabeth Morgan and Dianna Hardy, and we are here to entertain you!

Well, that isn't a complete lie, but we are actually here to hang out with all you lovely people. That's right, this blog is a place for y'all to come and join us in talking about all things sexy and paranormal, and British.

That's right we ladies wish to shine a light on the paranormal and fantasy lovin' around the United Kingdom, and discuss why we have set most of our stories in our merry 'ole England - and well, Scotland, Ireland and oh, Devon. Oh heck, the UK in general.

We will be keeping you updated on our upcoming projects and releases. Sharing excerpts. Giving our characters free rein to post - if they're good. Holding competitions. Swooning and drooling over paranormal hotties, and basically just chatting our socks off.

We do hope you'll come and join us!

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