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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Writing Buzz!

eBook released 31st August, 2012
Paperback released 31st October, 2012
I love writing the beginning of a book. The beginning is where you get the 'new' buzz. The middle always frustrates me -- you lose the buzz, and you have to concentrate more on plot and how to move things forward; and the ending is hard, but my favourite bit. That's where you get the BIG buzz: you get all shaky and you can't eat for days. (At least, that how the buzz affects me, anyway.)

I've just started writing The Demon Bride. I'm almost 10,000 words into it (which I estimate is about a sixth of the book). It's dark and gritty, and possibly erotic in ways it shouldn't be. Ultimately that's up to the reader to decide; I'm not specifically writing it to be erotic, just like I didn't write "the safety pin scene" (yes, it will forever be called that in my mind) in The Sands Of Time to be erotic -- nevertheless, I read back over it and think, whoa, that's actually kinda hot in a twisted way. I did write it to be intense and dark. But then I am dealing with some pretty dark characters, and some even darker mythical lore...

So anyway ... the buzz...

It's way better than chocolate, on the same level as coffee (sometimes better), and I really can't say it's better than sex without offending anyone who's in a relationship with an author (so I won't). But one thing I will say, is that when I'm riding that buzz, wild horses can't drag me away from writing the story. The buzz owns me. Completely.

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  1. I love the climax of the big buzz, you know when you finally finish then start crying because you thought it was never going to end? :-P

    I totally agree with you though. There are odd levels of Buzz when writing a book. A natural high. Quite addictive, but I guess that's a good thing lol