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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Overthinking things...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the funny post on Monday. I need to think of more funny posts - mine just tend to me a little serious and boring at the moment, perhaps because, despite my New Year's resolution not to overthink things, I am overthinking things :[

So today's blog post is about two things, both brief:

1. I shall be expanding my genres (and I'm growing to hate the word genre) to include urban fantasy, as well as paranormal romance. I've always called myself a multi-genre author because I never wanted to be sort of stereotyped into writing one kind of thing, or one style of fiction, but at the same time, it's drummed into you that you have to have a "brand" when you start to market yourself, so I "branded" myself as writing romance (mainly because I like writing sex in my books - I can't help it - my characters have high sex drives). Well, my brand doesn't want to be small, and I don't always want to be hampered by a happy ending, or only focusing on two couples, and so on, so I shall be branching out so to speak. Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy ... and Gothic Poetry ... and possibly some YA fiction in 2014 ... ah, you see my problem? No, damn it, this hole is for pigeons, not me :-p  This leads to the overthinking, but really, what is there to think about? Many adult paranormal romance authors also write urban fantasy, and also write young adult paranormal fiction. I'm sure I'm making mountains out of molehills...

2. This was kinda fun: in 2013, I shall be releasing two novels, both urban fantasies with lots of action and (er-hem) HEAT in them, and I actually started writing one of them about a year and a half ago - before I even started to write The Witching Pen. I haven't touched it since then, and went back to look at it last night (I think I'm about 18,000 words in) and BOY has my writing style changed! It actually seemed like it was written by a different person, so it needs a huge overhaul, and I'm looking forward to doing that. It's fascinating how you develop as a writer, but also a little scary, because it's entirely possible that my writing is complete and utter shit right now, and I won't know about it for another two years(!). Hahaha! I'll have a think about that as I poor myself another vodka on the rocks :s

There you have it - this has been my overthinking for the week. I'm looking forward to the week ahead being more based on action, and less based on thought. So, Elizabeth, when I'm going mad and tearing my hair out, because I have delusions of grandeur that I'm sitting on a mountain as opposed to a slope, I shall remember your funny post, and use it to shut my brain up :) Thanks. x


  1. I HATE genres. The lines are so blurred. I can completely see how YA, Paranormal romance and urban fantasy can overlap. In fact, I think all three overlap in my novel.

    I also agree, it's great having a "brand" but not to pigeon hole yourself.

    I guess the problem would come if you're known for writing a certain style or genre, and then write one that's completely different. Like going from crime to romance, or something.

  2. I agree, Clare. It would be much harder to change "brands" if I had a larger fan base, and I'm lucky that most of the readers who read my work at the moment actually love urban fantasy anyway, and read a variety of genres, including YA, so I figure now's a good time to branch out :) xxx

  3. You're totally welcome. I giggled while adding them to the blog so they definitely served their purpose! ;-P

    I think as long as you state that you're a multi-genre author you have basically covered everything. As you said yourself you mainly write romance which is your main genre. So as long as - and I know you do this already :-) - you point out that the book is romance with (add other genres) you've done your job of pointing that out to your readers.

    Me, first and formost I write romance and it usually comes under contemporary and paranormal. I recently sent an erotic thriller to my editor. I'm awaiting a contract for a YA futuristic. So that's another two genres, because I also want to write a few YA based stories. I'm working on a futuristic/paranormal at the moment. I also have ideas for urban/fantasy and I would love to write some steampunk. So, I'm basically a big greedy genre writer, but I will make sure everyone knows that lol :-P

    You're writing is not shit misses, but yeah, all us writers grow and get better as time goes by. So if anything your writing will just keep getting better. :-)

    I think it's exciting that you're heading in to other genres. In fact I think it's healthy since at the end of the day our imaginations need a change sometimes.

    I got pleanty hun, and my ears - or in this case, eyes - are always open should you wish to off load your overthinking instead of pulling your lovely hair out. Less painful :-D