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Thursday, 3 May 2012

A "Non-Post" About Some Giveaways and Reviews

Huge apologies for this post coming in so late. Things have been non-stop busy, which I guess is good ... until I realised that I almost forgot to vote today (London Elections for anyone outside the UK), so off I went with my daughter after dinner, and I've just got back. I'm sneaking this in before putting her to bed.

It's a non-post. Which means it's about nothing. So I'm going to leave you with my big news this week, which is the publication of The Witching Pen paperback (although I'm still waiting for it to appear on the system as "in stock"), and where I've got giveaways running, as well as some new reviews just come in.

I know, I know, not informative and awfully "salesy", but I promise that next week, I'll have more of a post for you all :)

Let's get to it...


Giveaway! 1 x signed paperback copy of The Witching Pen over at Susan K Mann. Ends 7th May

Giveaway! 1 x signed paperback copy of
The Sands Of Time over at Goodreads. Ends 15th May

New Reviews:


I'm featured on "Try It Tuesday" over at Bookaholic's Book Club, they're letting you know why The Witching Pen is worth the read (Click link above to view).

And some general updates....

All three books plus the prequel in approx
450 pages of non-stop action!
The Witching Pen Novellas Omnibus:
The paperback is now available to preorder!

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Book Depository (cheapest)

*some sites are still waiting to upload cover image / preorder facility, but the book is there!

The Witching Pen paperback is officially released:
It appears to be making its way through the system. Data is being updated and some retail sites are showing it as out-of-stock as this happens. But the date is today folks! And if you've pre-ordered the book, you shouldn't have to wait too much longer before it's sent out to you :)
See it on    Amazon US   Amazon UK   Book Depository

The Demon Bride:
All is running on time with this, for an eBook release on the 31st August. I can now confirm that the eBook will NOT be exclusive to the Amazon Prime library, because I want to be able to bring the Omnibus out in December. This means there will be no freebies on this book, aside from the usual giveaways where there will be a chance to win a copy, and I'm planning ahead for this book, so I'm hoping to have a giveaway going per blog / reviewer in the initial stages. 

Lastly, do keep up with me this week, as I can promise you there will be more to come ;)

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