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Monday, 16 July 2012

A blog of randomness

I promised you last week that I wasn't going to talk about my latest release, Cranberry Blood . . . and I am of course going to stick to that promise.

So, I'm afraid today is just going to be a post of random-ness; or rather, a blog in the sense and reason for which blogs were created. O_o

I'm still in the midst of the cool down period, and I find I don't really know what to do with myself. My new release is out, the blog tour is over, and now I'm basically waiting to hear what y'all think. Meaning my nerves are playing up at the moment.

So, I have basically spent the last two weeks catching up on other stuff; like slaughtering my garden.

It's been raining like crazy over here in the UK so much so that my back garden, which I mowed and weeded and whatever else a couple of months ago was a complete mess. I'm not a gardener, but I figure with the rain still being hectic everything is probably going to grow back within the next month; so I went outside and basically hacked everything down so it could grow again. I know, sounds painful, and possibly ugly, but it needed to be done.

Funnily enough, I actually like mowing grass. Is that weird?

Well, the garden was the biggest task that I had to get done, otherwise I have watched a couple of movies, read a couple of books and tried t relax a little, since my next release is due August 6th, which means I get to go through all the craziness again! ^_^ I love it, though. Getting a manuscript ready for release; as well as the release itself, and the promoting is like one big sugar rush. Don't get me wrong, it's stressful, sometimes, but still exhilarating.

Don't worry, I'm not going to start yapping on about this next release; I will save that for next week or the week after. :-D

Other than that I have been trying to decide what I want to start concentrating on. I plan to start working on the next book in The Blood Series (which is currently untitled) but I don't want to start planning until my next release is all pretty and published. So, I have been playing around with an idea for something short and sexy, you know, something new just to kick my muse a little, but nothing is clicking for me yet. *pouts* You would think it would be pretty simple after the high of a new release, but my muses are such stubborn little pains in the asses.

On a completely random note, I'm going to see the movie "Magic Mike" on Wednesday. I have heard fab things about the film, plus there hasn't been a day when one of the ladies on facebook hasn't mentioned it, but who can blames them when Channing Tatum is the star?? ;-P

Y'all have a fab week!


  1. Ah, that "in between" feeling after finishing / publishing a book... I know it well. I don't have a garden, but our kitchen is in need of a good scrubbing... I should imagine I'll be dong a lot of scrubbing over the next few days, lol.

    Enjoy Magic Mike :) xxx

  2. Yeah, the house got a good cleaning as well.

    Magic Mike was a whole lot of yum! :-P xxx