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Monday, 23 July 2012

What a week!

I think I have used the term "The lull before the storm," many times in my posts. I have to say that it is one motto that is actually rather true, as well as the motto, "you never know what is round the corner." And I can say for damn sure that after this last week I totally believe 'em both.

I have been looking for work for a while now, and despite applying for a ton of jobs, and going to a dozen interviews, I haven't had a lot of luck. (I know I'm not the only one. The economy is really messed up at the moment. It's really tough for a lot of people at the moment.) Writing comes first for me, but it is a job done from passion, and unfortunately passion doesn't pay the bills. 

So, I've been looking and applying, and basically keeping my hopes up and staying as positive as I can. Now, I can go weeks, maybe even months without getting an interview, but this last week has just been crazy. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; I get calls from employers asking me to pop in and pick up application forms, or giving me interviews. Great. Don't get me wrong, it really is a good thing, but I was like, "Woah! WTF!"

Mondays guy gives me an interview for Wednesday; I agree. Wednesday morning arrives and I'm getting ready, and I get a call from a place that I went to do a trial at six weeks earlier; and I'm offered the job. . . :-0 Excellent! It's perfect in all the ways that I need, but I was seriously ready to just pass out. As you can probably imagine I was already nervous as hell about my interview so I was pretty out of it, but I accepted the job.

I was supposed to start on Saturday, but I was called in on Friday, which in a lot of ways was good, because it meant I didn't have time to stress myself out due to nerves. Although, I was nervous on Friday and Saturday, and I'm nervous about going in tomorrow, which is totally insane, but I am. I don't know about anyone else, but I hate being the new person. I always feel dead stupid for not knowing what I'm doing straight away, and having to ask questions, but I really just need to get over it; which I will, eventually.

But yeah, that may not sound crazy to anyone else, but I was not expecting that to happen last week. 

So, I have a job now - or at least, another job since I'm still writing, naturally - which I'm super happy about. I also went to see the film "Magic Mike" last week, which I think y'all need to watch. Sheer yummy-ness! And, I also signed a contract with Decadent publishing last week. I sent my short story in for their Edge Series, and it got accepted. So yay! Hectic week, but full of nice surprises!

How was your week?


  1. Excellent! Congrats on getting your job. No mean feat nowadays!

    I always loved being the new person at jobs. Most jobs I've had (and I've had a few), I then got bored after a couple of months and I suppose it was nice to be the one who knew everything, but that just meant I got all the responsibility without the pay to show for it.

    Enjoy your "new" time :)

    Dianna x

  2. Thanks hun!

    I know how that feels. In my last job I was pushed in to a management role, and the money really wasn't worth the hassle. But I do hope that I get to the stage soon where I can crack on with things without worrying I'm doing my job wrong; 'cos then people will leave me to get on with things instead of keeping their eyes on me. O_o lol