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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Why did I write about werewolves?

It's quite simple really: I wanted to write a series where the focus is on the struggle between the body and the mind; the physical self and the emotional self; where dreams and wishes can become overpowered by more basic wants and desires, and where the morality of these dualities become blurred.

The werewolf encompasses the above beautifully in my mind. It's a creature that can illicit sorrow and tenderness, but also viciousness and primal need. To some extent, I suppose the vampire does, too, but I have always seen werewolves as more carnal in nature because of their animal side. They are more "earthed" and less mystical in this sense. Whereas the vampire has a certain ethereal quality, the werewolf does not - its more rough, raw and rugged - more crude.

The above ideas and thoughts are what drove the creation of my new adult paranormal fantasy series Eye Of The Storm. The first book, Releasing The Wolf, is out on 30th November. Do join my Facebook page for daily quotes from the book, over the next week :)

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  1. Damn good reasoning. *Fondles kindle* Guess what I'm going to be reading tonight? ;-P xx