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Monday, 14 January 2013

A Sexy Soundtrack

Last week I finished my edits for "Creak" - my upcoming release - and sent them back to my editor. I was wrong about the release date - I misread the email I received  silly me - it isn’t today. I am pretty sure it is February, but once I have a confirmation I shall let you know. Nevertheless, it will still be my first release of 2013. So last weeks post still stands. :-P

So, now that I’ve finished editing, and some stuff I needed to catch up on, I am now turning my attention back to one of the projects that I started at the end of last year.

"Truth or Dare?" It is an erotic contemporary short about a group of friends who have a drunken game of truth or dare, and well, I'm sure you can guess what type of naughty things might take place. I’m already at 4,000 and I left off just as the fun was about to begin. So, needless to say I am looking forward to sinking my teeth back in to this little number. ;-P

Truth or Dare? is the second story I have written that isn’t incredibly plot heavy because, well, the aim of the story is the two leads satisfying their sexual appetite. Despite this being a short story, I still need some music to help me with the flow and mood of the book. So, I created a Sexy Soundtrack, which is basically a list of songs that I could imagine playing in the background while my characters get it on. Yeah, I might be a little perverse in that way. Blame it on my vivid imagination.Girl needs to get in the zone. ;-p 

Anyway, the purpose for this collection of songs is, naturally, so that I can a) listen to it every time I am writing a strictly erotic story where the sexual chemistry is the main key factor, and b) when I am writing any intense/sexy scene, or sex scene for a longer book where the relationship of the characters is one of a few key elements.

Not surprisingly most of the songs on this soundtrack are heavy, upbeat, or openly about sex, but they are so damn catchy, and work a treat.

The songs I am currently listening to for "Truth or Dare?" are as follows:

Christina Aguilera - All I want to do is love your body

Usher - Scream

Maroon 5 - Give a little more

Another project I started at the end of last year - and you may remember me mentioning this one - is a paranormal erotic short titled, "Let Me In." The songs that are helping inspire some smexy scenes in this baby are:

Rhianna - Where have you been all my life

Enrique ft Ludicras - Tonight I'm f*&$ing you

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

I don't know about you, but I personally feel that you can tell a lot about a story and its characters by looking at a soundtrack, don't you think?

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