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Monday, 4 March 2013

Pimping of the British Paranormal Series Kind

Sunday night, I am sitting on the sofa with my television on waiting for my weekly programme, Being Human. I don't really watch television that much. I find I am attracted to certain shows, or naturally, once I hear a show I like is back on, such as Dr Who which will be starting again this March, yay! I will watch them.

Well, Being Human is a favourite of mine and last nights episode was amazing, but what got to me is that last nights episode was the second to last Being Human eppy ever. I am gutted. It is dark, realistic, funny, violent, all and all amazing. The Werewolves are awesome and how I imagine Were's to be. The Vampires are cool, and in the case of the two leading males of the series - Mitchell and Hal, two lots of yummy on legs. And the ghost are hilarious. It is such a top series, but what made it so fantastic was that it was British.

Many of you in the UK might watch this awesome paranormal series, and some of you might remember me mentioning it when Dianna and I started this blog: "A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf sharing a house?"

Being Human is the only British paranormal series there is at the moment. (If anyone wishes to state otherwise and point me in the direction of a show I am unaware of, please feel free.) And it saddens me knowing that. Why aren't there more paranormal series of such a nature over here? The UK has plenty to offer. So many Gothic/Horror stories take place here.

*Takes deep breath*

Needless to say, I was thinking about this sad fact after the episode finished. One of the reasons Dianna and I started this blog was because of that very fact, and I think Dianna's original post can sum up the reasons for that better than I can: The British Paranormal Romance.

We need more British Paranormal based stories/series. And we need to shine the light on all the books that fall under this genre.

I would just like to take this moment to point out that when I started writing this post it was indeed due to the fact that a) I'm totally bummed out that Being Human is ending, and b) I have just finished Beta reading the lovely Dianna's Hardy's "Cry of the Wolf: Book 2 in the Eye of the Storm series" - 'Tis amazing! -and I found myself nostalgic. 

You see, after a bit of a shake up with the Publishing company I lost a little interest in my own UK based paranormal series, because I was unsure about what to do. Even when I made my mind up I had over projects to preoccupy me, but after watching the show and reading Dianna's fab book, I kinda grew homesick.The Blood Series was the first series I ever created. Cranberry Blood was the first book I ever wrote, and Brendan and Heather were my first characters. Today I found myself opening up the series folder and looking over notes for the next book and I felt like I had come home, as crazy as that might sound.

I have not been quite about the fact that I sometimes struggle to write. I never see the point in pretending it doesn't happen because I feel that stating it out loud may help anyone else who finds themselves in a dry spot. Life has changed for me again, but these last two days I have had streams of conversations from a variety of characters who were all from different projects. All of the words pouring in to my mind including my moody Werewolf and insane Vampire Slayer. I feel excited. I feel like pieces are beginning to move in to place, and god, I hope they are, because the silence has been killing me.

Anyway, the point of this post is that, although I have never been the type or person, let alone writer, to compare myself or my work to anyone else's  I feel I need to do some major - British paranormal series - pimping today, and why the hell not? So, if you are a fan of Being Human, or if you are a fan of dark comedy, rough and ready characters, crazy story arcs, chemistry, passion, lots of sex, and romances that don't go smoothly; then you may want to check out our series.

The Eye of the Storm Series
By Dianna Hardy

Dark Paranormal Fantasy
For the call of the wild in us all.
(Set in the Surrey Hills, England.)

On Sale!
Releasing April 19th 2013

For more information on this series visit: http://www.diannahardy.com/eye-of-the-storm.html

And don't forget to check out Dianna's awesome "The Witching Pen Novellas" http://www.diannahardy.com/the-witching-pen-novellas.html

~ * ~

The Blood Series
By Elizabeth Morgan

Scottish Werewolves: freaky Vampires and a Slayer with a bad addiction and an insane legacy. Add a big dose of sarcasm, sizzling chemistry; a lot of silver and a ton of blood and . . . .

Welcome to The Blood Series!

On Sale!
On Sale!

For more information on this series, and The Overseers Series, visit: www.e-morgan.com

So, are there any UK based paranormal/fantasy books you have really enjoyed and want to let more readers know about? Leave a comment and I will pimp them out on my facebook page. :-)


  1. EEEEEEK! I am so completely thrilled you enjoyed the read, and I cannot tell you how much you've helped to tighten the whole thing up - thank you so much!

    And you should totally write more Brit Paranormal! I remember the first thing I ever read from you: an excerpt from She-Wolf at its launch party, and I was HOOKED. Argh! Scottish werewolves! I say that all the time, but your werewolves were SO HOT, and I LOVED the humour ... please, please, please write more British themed books, lol. xxx

    1. I absolutely love the book, and I am loving the series so far. It was my pleasure to help hun. I'm glad my notes were useful. :-)

      Oh, I plan to. I promise. Hehe yeah, Scottish men who rip their clothes off and turn furry really do it for me. ;-P I love my Pack. It will be good to get back to them once I have finished my current projects. :-D xxx