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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Keep changing until it goes 'click'.

I've always loved change. It brings excitement, adventure and that "smell" of new things!

Whenever anything has been stagnant in my life in the past, I simply changed it. (Admittedly, that's a little harder to do nowadays with a family that needs structure and stability to be nourished.) But the same applies to my writing: don't like it? Change it. And I also change the materials around the book or story, until something goes click. You've seen me with my book covers, right? And with my websites? And header designs? And book trailers? That's right - you get the picture! Create, create, create, change it, create, change, change some more, create, change... and so it goes on until the change that you've made clicks something into place and everything can grow from there.

I'm in a slightly stagnant place now with The Last Dragon, not least because May has been a hell of a month in terms of family and holidays, and sickness and birthdays... my god, May has been a LOOOOOONG month.  And so damn busy in many ways that I'm a little shocked I managed 11,000 words and only had one mild panic attack.

Please, Powers That Be, I am BEGGING you for an easier June, where the ideas can flow into my mind, my soul can transmute them, and then words can flow out of my hands onto paper (or eReader), and maybe most of all, the TIME to allow that flow to take place.

Oh, yes, I need time! Time please!

And for the end of May (there's only a day left) you may see those changes I'm talking about take place. Don't be alarmed - it is me trying to get energy moving; trying to get things flowing. If you do happen upon them, I hope you enjoy them :)

Dianna x

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