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Monday, 8 July 2013

What do you to chill out after you've finished writing a book?

Hello pretty people, it's Monday, again. I swear the weeks keep slipping by quicker and quicker. Freaks me out. The one good thing about today - other than the chocolate cupcake I had - is that it is exactly one month till  my birthday. Yay! No idea what I'm going to do for that, but I plan to have a good one.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Today's question from the lovely Dianna is; What do you do to chill out after you've finished writing a book?

Hard question at this point in time since the day job, family drama, and every day annoyances have decided to gang up on me for the last year in a steady flow with absolutely no breaks. Meaning that my writing has been slow - although, I did manage to hammer out another 1K on my project yesterday. Better than nothing - and that all of my spare time is spent on trying to get some writing done, because I feel frustrated and guilty doing anything else . . . *end rant* But we shall ignore that, because I do actually have things I like to do after I complete a book.

Firstly, toward the end of the book even though there is excitement because the end is in sight, when I do actually finish I feel an enormous amount of relief. That might sound horrible but nine times out of ten I have become frustrated with the project somewhere in the middle and hit that point where I have to finish it. Sleep, food, bathing . . . none of it matters. I have to finish the book, but at the same time it feels like it will never end.

So the moment I do finish any project the first thing I do is play "Ride on Time by Black Box" and have a good rhythmic scream with the singer. I might even do the funky chicken and attempt the running man depending on the time of day I complete the project.

For your enjoyment:

After that I tend to pass out for a while, perhaps watch a movie, or even play The Sims 3 because I have a huge addiction to that particular game. Basically do something that doesn't require me to think too much. I tend to read a book or two before I dive back in to my project and edit it.

To be honest I tend to catch up on anything that I have forbidden myself from doing while writing. And if I'm having trouble writing I still forbid myself from doing "chill out" activities. Mainly because in these instances they aren't "chill out" activities, but distractions. Needless to say my TBR pile is massive, and there are a ton of films that have been released the last two years that I haven't even got around to watching, very bad.

At this moment in time my attention is torn between getting my garden neat and tidy and at a stage I'm happy with, working, and my current WIP. Nothing exciting to report, but hopefully that will change real soon.

So, what about you; what do you like to do to chill out after you finish work/writing a book?

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