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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Which Paranormal Creature would I like to be trapped in a room with?

So, I'm late in posting this because I was kinda tired last night when I came online to whip this post up - I know, my bad for leaving it so late - but also because although today's question from Dianna seems like a fairly straightforward and fun one I wanted to give it a little thought, because it is a straightforward question, but the answer depends on the circumstances.

Today's question: If you were trapped in a room with no hope of escape with ONE paranormal creature - and you could choose which one - which would you choose?

Now, it might sound nuts but in order to answer this I need to know the following; do I know the creature? Are they trustworthy/are we friends/are we enemies? Do they want to eat me/kill me? Will I ever escape, will we both? Is my escape dependant on them in some way?

I guess if I know the creature and trust them then it really wouldn't matter what they were, because I'd be trapped with someone I was friends with and if we were too die, because there was no means of escape at least we would have one another for company.

If we were enemies and they wanted to kill or eat me I actually think I would prefer to die at the hands of a vampire, because they will simply drain my blood. If it was a rabid/crazy or at the very least pissed off werewolf or shifter it might not be so bad because they might just rip my throat out or break my neck; hopefully a quick death. 

I know for a fact I wouldn't want to be trapped with a nixie or a zombie, or any creature that would eat me alive and possibly very slowly, because that would be horrible.

Demons are crafty and would no doubt leave me to die and get out and save themself. Angels - depending on your view of them - could be rather helpful as could a witch or a wizard. A genie would be fab because you could wish yourself out of there.

I realize that there are tons of creatures, but if I sat and considered them all I would be here for a very long time, and truth be told I think in the right circumstances - as in the scenario where I don't die at the claws or teeth of my cell mate - I would pick to be stuck in a room with a Werewolf. What can I say, they are my fave creatures. Superhuman strength means that they might be able to bust us out of the room one way or another, but I think I would like to sit and talk with a werewolf about what it's like to be one. If he is a super fine wolf, even better.

If I could actually pick a werewolf it would have to be Brendan from my Blood Series. I will no doubt get earache from Owen for stating that, but Bren was my first werewolf. I have a soft spot for him and I always will. <3

Then again it would be rather nice to be stuck in a room with all three of Dianna's leading Werewolves from The Eye of the Storm Series. ;-P

So, what about you; what creature would you want to be stuck in a room with?

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