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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Do you have all your stories planned out?

That was Elizabeth's question to me ... two weeks ago, because I've been a bad girl and not blogged for ages :(

The quick answer to that is, no. I have a beginning planned, and I usually have up to three endings planned, and then I have a few key points in the middle planned, and I leave everything else up to chance, and occasionally the things that I have planned will change. But I love writing this way. For me, it gives the characters the best chance possible to grow. The downside is that sometimes the blurb has to change - a total pain when you've already made promo materials! But hey, it makes all the stuff that little bit more exclusive :)

And speaking of characters and stories, I have some awesome stuff happening right now over Halloween:
  1. Claim Lawrence as your paranormal book boyfriend here (and win signed stuff) - http://closeencounterswiththenightkind.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/troll-y-yours-speed-date-party-hour-9.html (and check out ALL the authors taking part)
  2. Contest for limited edition signed swag for The Spell of Summer here - https://www.facebook.com/events/525653997517504 (The cover and blurb reveal is tomorrow with more chances to win.)
  3. A $10 or £10 Amazon gift voucher will be up for grabs from 2nd - 16th November - go to number two's link to keep updated.
Have spooky fun tonight!

Dianna xx

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