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Monday, 3 March 2014

WIP Progress

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Secondly, I am super sorry for not posting last Monday. I kinda forgot and didn't remember until Wednesday, but was completely blank in the topic department, not that I can say I'm thriving with interesting information today, but at least I'm posting this week.

So a fortnight ago I was rambling on about how I'm not a planner - which is still very true - and how I was going to dive into this project and go with the flow . . . yeah, it didn't go as well as I though it would. Turns out that as well as being lazy, my muse is also being a complete pain in the ass lately. I really don't know what I have done to tick her off so much, but hey, she's stuck with me so she will have to get over herself.

So, no planning and no going with the flow, which is very frustrating and lead to me doing the only other thing I could do in this situation; leave what I had and just let it all stew in its own juice. I really didn't think it would stew and also believed it would probably take me weeks to come up with something, but surprisingly one part of the story revealed itself while I was dusting, and then I very small idea fluttered in my head two days later followed by a light bulb moment and . . . BAM! I have a story.

I realize how bad it sounds for me to kinda say that, but two weeks ago I was throwing ideas all over the place and not liking what I came up with, but the story plot I now have, oh I'm happy, I really am. The characters have already introduced themselves to me, and slowly things are starting to piece together. I started writing yesterday, but don't feel a 100% happy with the way I have started the story, despite the fact I know how it opens, but that's okay, all I have to do is play until I am happy. The point is after much fretting - which I was doing for many reasons, all of which I have pointed out in past posts and wont go into again out of fear of sounding like a parrot - I have started, and it feels so good to start a new story after such a rough and slow year of writing.

I have my playlist which consists mostly of songs from Florence and the Machine; they just fit the mood of the story and characters, love that! I have rough notes. I love my characters even the baddie. I'm excited. It's nice to be excited every once in a while, don't you think?

Hope you've all had a fab Monday, and that the next two weeks are lovely for you all. I won't be posting next Monday, because I will be away visiting family. So, have fun and hopefully in two weeks I have something more interesting to share with you. ;-P

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