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Friday, 11 April 2014

Why I've not been blogging.

I've been avoiding the blogging - I have, I have :(

Because every time I try to think of something to post, I'm always thinking of crappy, depressing stuff, which is no good. I'm currently ill with a horrendous (and I mean horrendous) virus. We're ALL ill: me, my little girl and my partner.

Writing has not happened in a week, 'cause this cold is like the evil queen bitch of all colds and I've been laid out, barely able to move for a couple of days.

I managed 1000 words last night, which is awesome :) Haven't managed it tonight, even though the story is all there in my head. I run out of energy when I go to write it down, and that's assuming I can with the little one coughing her guts up :(

So ... this is why I've not been blogging. 2014 is still challenging, with so much going on within the family, and I don't want my posts to be all about illness and dying ... and strange viruses that I fancifully wonder aren't induced by some top secret spraying of chemicals into the air that the government could have done around the same time that they announced London had gone above the allowed air pollution levels for the city (which was around the time this cold kicked off - a week ago).

New things you may have missed....

The new paperback cover for The Spell Of Summer

My radio interview up in Manchester and also meeting loads of fab readers and authors - I will conjure up the energy to write about that.

General chit-chat via Facebook (that's where you go to really stay up-to-date)

That's all from me for now. Over the next month, imagine me with my head down trying to finish The Spell of Summer, because time is running out and the universe is throwing up a whole load of obstacles this time around - one after the other :/

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