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Monday, 4 August 2014

Yeah, another small update

There is just under four days left to enter the Stepping Stones Competition. Just click on this link - http://shadesofrosemedia.com/stepping-stones-by-elizabeth-morgan/ - at the bottom of the tour schedule you will find the rafflecopter. Go ahead and leave an entry on there and you could be in with a chance of winning yourself a swag pack or a copy of my sweet romance, Stepping Stones.

For those who you who might be interested myself, Chris Lange, Zee Monodee, Angela Aaron, Morticia Knight and Ashlynn Monroe, have started up a group on Goodreads and Facebook, called Sexy Six. Basically, it is our way of hanging out with our readers as well as meeting new ones. 

We will be sharing excerpts from new release and WIP and letting everyone know what events are going on, competitions, etc. The Goodreads group has a little more going on; such as games and Q&A which everyone can join in on, but yeah, this is just a way to keep in the loop, so you can keep up with what we're all doing and not miss anything. So please feel free to join, because we'd all love to meet and hang out with you. :)

Otherwise, three weeks today will mark the re-release of the Blood Series. *Squeaks* I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. My editor has informed me she will have both manuscripts back to me this week so I can upload them and get them ready for pre-order. I have been hard at work looking for prizes for the swag packs that I plan to do, and I have to say that I'm very happy with what I've cooked up. And me and Dianna have discussed a special event that we plan to do late sept/early oct, but more on that nearer the time. ;)

So yeah, that has been everything that has gone on this last week. I have a feeling next week I will be flapping all over the place, because once I have uploaded the manuscripts and got the ebooks ready, I have to start sorting both books out for paperback. I do hope to have them ready for release along with the ebooks on the 25th, but I'm not entirely sure if that will be the case. They might be a week later, but no matter what, these bad boys will be in print form, and I am SO EXCITED!!!

For now, I am just going to leave these character promo images here for anyone who may wish to pinch and share them. Three weeks. OMG!!! lol




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