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Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentines Day: Blood Series Style

So Valentines Day is literally right round the corner. I am sure most of you are pretty prepared, but then again perhaps you have left it too the last minute, or maybe you're just looking for one last quirky items to add to the goodie box you have got for your other half?

I can help with that. Welcome to the Elizabeth Morgan Zazzle Store!

Yes, I did mention that I had opened a zazzle store at the beginning of January, and it is still a work in progress as in I will constantly be adding products to it, but there are a couple of fun items in my store that you might find amusing or romantic? enough to get for your other half, or point out to them that you wouldn't mind having zed item yourself.

If you have read either She-Wolf (Blood Series: Prequel) or Cranberry Blood (Blood Series: Book One) then you might love these products, and if you are buying them for your other half, well, I think they are fun enough to be enjoyed by someone who has never heard of this series before.

Item Suggestion One: "I've Always Been Yours" Necklace

This is a Clare quote taken from She-Wolf. Sure, it isn't those magical three words, but personally, I still feel this holds a beautiful directness, plus it is romantic.

There are a few choices in regards to the design of the necklace. So you can pick colouring, shape etc

Guys, I personally think this is a present to give to your ladies, and I think it works well for those of you who have been together for a long time, but either way, I think it gets your feelings across beautifully.

As well as a necklace there is also the very lovely keyring...

Item Suggestion Two: "I've Always Been Yours" Keyring

Same as before, lots of choices for designs, but I think that even if you picked the heart design or went for an oval shape this is a nice one for you Ladies to get your Men, or vice versa. It's still romantic, and I think makes a sweet little side present, don't you?

Item Suggestion Three: "I just want a kiss. You're the one who is unable to control yourself." Men's T-shirt

This is an Owen quote taken from She-Wolf.

It comes in a variety of sizes and colours. So don't feel you have to stick to the red, white, and black theme that my Blood Series products tend to come as.

This is more of a fun present. One that your guys might enjoy as it is sure to stroke their ego; the idea that you can't control yourselves when he just wants a simple kiss.

Item Suggestion Four: "Dating instead of Mating?" Badge

This is another Owen quote from She-Wolf.

And this is definitely just a funny, silly little trinket, which I personally think would go down well for a) anyone who likes a good Werewolf story, b) likes the paranormal genre, and c) at the very least understands what "mating" means in the correct way and circumstance. Don't want to go freaking anyone out, but I think this is a quirky little present, which might actually be quite fun to put in that secret valentines day card.

Item Suggestion Five: "I am the embodiment of beauty and perfection" Ladies T-shirt

This is a quote taken from my modern fairytale retelling of Rapunzel, Razel Dazzle.

Guys, this is your turn to stroke your Ladies ego by letting her know that you think she is beautiful and perfect and should be proud. Not that she needs a t-shirt to know that she is beautiful and perfect in your eyes, but yet again, it's just a funny t-shirt that she can kick about in and when she is cleaning or running around after the kids and not feeling as powerful and as fabulous as she should be, she can look down and remind herself that she is.

Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the product page or alternatively you can click this link - http://www.zazzle.co.uk/elizabeth_morgan - and head on over to the store page and check out the rest of the products that are available to buy. There are a few others that might make fun side presents for Valentines day, or alternatively birthdays, or other special occasions.

Also, be sure to check out Dianna Hardy's Zazzle store as she has some fab products on there, which would also make good Vals Day presents.

Have a lovely week and I hope you all have a beautiful Valentines Day.

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