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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Linear or Circular?

This is going to be quite a quick blog post.

I'm trying to plot / write a story at the moment and I can't quite get there. I have parts of it quite clearly in my head, but they're in the middle of the story, or towards the end, and I just cannot write them without starting at the beginning, and I can't quite get the beginning right.

So this got me thinking about how people write. I'm am, totally, a linear writer (which is ironic, because in some areas of my life I'm circular -- and I don't even know if circular is the correct term in writing, to mean the opposite of linear, but I'm using it). I absolutely have to start at the beginning. If I started in the middle, I can guarantee that by the time I've figured out the beginning, the middle will have to change, so in my head, I'd have wasted time beginning with the middle. (Are you with me so far?)

I kind of wish I was more flexible in the way I wrote. I'd love to write whatever came to mind, then mish-mash it all together as I go and clean it up at the end, but I don't do that. I write from the beginning, and make my way through, stopping every 1000 words to clean it up and edit it.

Sounds so boring, doesn't it? Lol.

So, how do you write? Are you linear, or circular? Or, if you're not a writer, how do you read? Can you start in the middle of a series, or do you have to start at the beginning?

Dianna x

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  1. I'm a pain in the ass writer :-P I have to start at the beginning as well, and work straight through. I can't writer scenes and then sow them together, which kinda sucks because sometimes I think that would help.