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Monday, 5 March 2012

A ghost, a werewolf & a vampire sharing a house?

A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf share a house . . .

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn't it? Well it is actually the basis of the English paranormal series Being Human. Yes, in the midst of the Twilight Saga, and the American hit series The Vampire Diaries I'm happy to say that on this side of the pond we have our own paranormal series.

I'm a fan of all three of the above, and more to the point I find the difference in scenery, plot and take between the three completely refreshing. The funny thing is that it always seems very hard to try and imagine such stories happening in Britain. It's rather amusing - in a sense - to see such a story set today, and literally happening a short distance away, but it works. The ongoing story, and the side ones are believable and the characters are unique and fresh.

I have watched Being Human from the beginning, and despite the fact that only the ghost from the original trio remains, I think it’s top. But, every Sunday when I sit watching this fab program I can’t help but wondering why there isn’t more paranormal series, or more to the point, stories set in United Kingdom.

Dr Jekyll and his unwelcome Hyde live in London. Frankenstein, The Wolfman, and even Dracula all visit the city in their own tales. They are the four godfathers of Gothic paranormal, and yet we hardly hear of such characters in this country, and in this day and age. Why is that?

I personally think it may have something to do with how crowded and small the UK is, well, compared to America where there is so much space and never ending possibilities for where stories could take place; but then, I suppose there are possibilities in a number of countries.

So I honestly don't know.

Dianna mentioned in her post The British Paranormal Romance that we don't see a lot of stories set in England, and I have to agree. I personally haven't read many books of the paranormal - contemporary - nature that are. There’s a lot of history – steampunk particularly – and chick-lit/contemporary stories, but not a lot of the other genres, which is rather sad really.

I haven’t read everything there is to read, so I am honestly only making a very vague guess, but it does seem that we are lacking in paranormal on this side of the pond, which is one of the reasons I set The Blood Series in England. I wanted to let Vampires and Werewolves run around and cause havoc in the UK because, well, why not? We have foggy eerie countryside’s, and moors. We have lush forests and beautiful landscapes, and we have dark corners where anything could be lurking.

And let's not forget that England is the backdrop of the Arthurian legend; ancient magic and supernatural beings. Fair enough there were castles and knights, and fair maidens, but still, it has to count for something, right?

So surely it isn't completely crazy for such beings to inhabit this country today? When you think of magic, and such creatures what type of world conjures in your mind?

For anyone who loves vampires, werewolves and ghosts, you should most definitely take a look at Being Human. It’s funny. It’s dark, and it’s different. Plus it has Mitchell (S1-3) and Hal . . . *drools and swoons*


  1. I've heard so many good things about Being Human, but I've still never gotten around to watching it. You've just bumped it up my list of things I need to watch :)

  2. You totally need to watch it. It's awesome, and really funny.