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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Appeal Of The Older Man

I mentioned months ago in another blog post that I had a thing for 'older men', so I thought I'd follow that up today. I've always found the greying hair of the more mature man attractive, even from a fairly young age - maybe since my late teens / early twenties. But it's not just the greying hair that does it - it's the lines on the face that says "I've lived" and more importantly, "I've learnt." There's something about the kind of confidence that only comes from age, and from lessons that have thoroughly knocked you off your feet, that is SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE.

I don't know if other women who like the more mature man share my reasons for why they do - I've never actually discussed this with anyone, nor have I ever considered it an anomaly about myself. It's just always been that way for me. (I guess there's a chance that after posting this, a hoard of people will let me know how totally weird I am....)

I've always had boyfriends older than me, the oldest being about 16 years older - although he ended up being a total twat and NOT at all mature ... huh, I'll have to write that barely-a-relationship into a story one day...

Anyway, that didn't put me off the older man - nope. Like I said, it's just in-built!

So I thought I'd post some pics of celebrities that have that look that I think says rugged, lived, experienced and learned. It should be noted that I also like the way all these guys looked younger. And, yeah, sure, if you put a young and old pic of the same star next to each other, the young photos have the instant yum factor, but the older man pics have that deeper thing that only comes from knowledge and experience. That deeper thing is what I'm talking about. Do not underestimate it. Women want wisdom in their men.

(And does it work the same way with regards to women when they get older? To the men reading this, if you go for older-looking women, what is it about the older look that does it for you?)

Sean Connery: okay, well, this is probably the oldest I go (lol!), but there's a hardness in his older look, as well as an air of 'distinguished' that you just don't see in those pics when he was thirty-five!

Liam Neeson: love this pic. I have no idea how old he was here - at a guess, I'd say forty or just under - but the crow's feet at the corner of the eyes get me every time - laughter and tears, is what it says to me - and there's a very slight spattering of grey at his temples. However old he is, it's at THIS age that men really start to look sexy, in my opinion.

Pierce Brosnan: If anyone's got a look that says I've lived, and died (metaphorically), and picked up all the pieces to live again, it's this man. It's in his eyes. And the grey hair, and that damn nice coat just accentuate it.

Sean Bean: I would take this man EXACTLY how he looks nowadays over how he looked twenty years ago. And if he comes with the warrior gear and sword too, all the better ;p

Robert Redford: Oh, what was that? You want to pay me $1,000,000 to sleep with you for just one night? :D

To all the George Clooney fans, I'm sorry that I have not included him. I know there are lots of you; I know so many people think he's hot. It's just that he doesn't do it for me personally, and this is my blog post :p  His face is too smooth, not rugged enough. I'll take another look at him in ten years.

And lastly, I'll add that my own significant other, who just turned forty last year, is going wonderfully grey at the temples and the back of his neck, and the crinkles around his eyes are getting deeper. I won't put a pic of him up, because he may just kill me, but he looks even better to me now than he did when we first met, and he's growing sexier every year ;)


  1. What d'ya know my last boyfriend was 15 years older than me and he turned out to be a bit of a twat as well. Go figure. :-P

    I'm more drawn to older men. I totally get where you're coming from, but I don't actually have a reason for it. Nine out of ten times I will look at a guy who will be older than me by 10 years at the very least and I will find him attractive. I just don't know what it is.

    I dig smile lines. And I definitely love stubble on a mature jaw. I don't know. Men age better than women, it's totally unfair lol

    Liam, Sean and Robert, I totally agree with you, but on my list I would have to have -

    Garry Oldman - I think he's a top actor but I mainly fell in love with him in Dracula. But he has a little something going on for him.

    Robert Downey Junior - No explanation needed.

    Mel Gibson - I've always thought he's had a lovely smile and eyes. And I loved him in Brave Heart.

    Gerard Butler - Fell in love with him in Phantom of the Opera. Plus he's Scottish. Be still my heart.

    David Tennant - The man is just lovely.

    Johnny Depp - Another man who needs no reasoning for being on this list.

    And I have to say I have the biggest school girl crush on Justin Hartley (Smallville). He has just got the loveliest smile and pulls some really funny - yet yummy - faces in that programme.

    And now I am going to stop because seriously I could go on forever. *le blush*

  2. HAHAHA okay I just came across your post on twitter after posting my blog about the HORRIBLE outcome of my dating an older man! I'm with you on the greying hair and rugged face but oh man... I have learned my lesson, they are only good for admiring from a distance!


    1. LOL! Aussa, your blog post made me laugh (great writing) although I am sorry you went through that. Indeed, some men are only good for staring at, which is why celebrities and fictional heroes have a such a following. I dated someone sixteen years older than me before (I was 19), and that didn't turn out well either - to the point where I maybe should have called the police (I certainly had reason to), but I stood my ground and gave him the steely cold shoulder instead, and he ended up crawling away with his tail down. Thank god. It could have been worse. However, the younger men also have their own issues, and I can't say women have no issues, lol. In the end, age, gender, whatever, just don't matter - it's all about learning, trying and not giving up. But we have our fictional heroes to help us while we go through our trials and errors (as long as we remember they're fictional). I've gotta say, I've lucked out now. I'm with someone seven years older than me (so not that much older), and he is a gem through and through. Thanks so much for stopping by :) xx