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Monday, 14 May 2012


Oy. So I am idiotically late with today's post. I wish I could tell you it was because I had an amazing day, but sadly that is not the case. And I wish I had an incredible and perhaps insightful post to make it up to you, but alas I do not.

No, instead I am going to ramble on a little bit about routines, because as a self-employed writer I have found I do really need to try and stick to the routine I set out for myself. (And by set out I literally mean I wrote out a routine and pinned it on my wall. Very sad, I know.)

Naturally, I work at home so I have to try and separate work from personal. *Inserts laughter here* It is rather hard to do considering I live in a terrace cottage and I can hear people sneezing when they walk past my house. O_o Yeah, I don't have an office. I would totally love a room that I could step in to and seal myself off from the rest of the house. I had one in my old house and I miss it terribly. That separation did work though, because if I was in there it was to work, full stop.

So, I am trying to get myself in to a daily rhythm. Sometimes when I'm working on a project I get up, sit in front of my computer and don't stop unless I really need to. Now don't get me wrong, I love those days because I usually get through projects a lot quicker than I think I will, because literally from start to finish I am up and going for it. And then - as you may recall from last weeks post - I can go weeks without working at all, which really frustrates me.

Over the last couple of days I have managed to find a nice balance. I get up and exercise for an hour in the morning - at least I think using the Wii fit counts? - I then check all my emails and so forth. I have breakfast and then . . . well it depends on if there is anything important I need to do; shopping, cleaning, gardening etc. If so then naturally I get on with that. If not, I sit at my computer and I hope to god I'm going to have a very productive day.

Question is how long will this routine of mine go on for? *sighs* I guess I will soon find out.

Does anyone else have a daily routine to keep them on track? Do you ever find it hard trying to separate your "home" life from your work?


  1. Elizabeth, I feel your pain. I have given up on having a 'routine' and now just try to enjoy what fate throws at me. I live in a small one bedroom flat, with a toddler, a husband, a budgie, and scaffolding that's been up for almost a year because the other flat owners can't agree on what building work should be done. Most of my writing is done between 10pm and 2pm, because that's the only time when it's peaceful and quiet - unless my daughter is waking up because she's not sleeping well for whatever reason.

    I admire your will to exercise. With all the above, I'm not sure when to fit exercising in - at the moment, it's when I walk her to and from Playschool in the mornings (and when I'm rushing around stressing - is that considered exercise? Lol).

    I recommend the 'giving in to fate' approach every once in a while. I am learning how to live amid chaos. Sometimes it's hard, and sometimes, it's damn fun ;) xxx

  2. Yes stressing is most definitely an exercise, but it sucks more than most lol

    I don't always stick to it - naturally stuff pops up - but I have to try and have routine for those days where I am wanting to pull my hair out 'cos I can't seem to focus. Mass guilt if I don't do something even if it's planning or a couple hundred words. My way of giving my mind some tough lovin' lol