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Monday, 30 July 2012

A post about nothing important

I find that I don't really know what I want to blog about today. There are certain things I could talk about - probably should - but I find I am too tired at the present moment to do certain posts the justice they deserve.

I had hoped to give you a sneak peek at my August 6th release, but at the present moment I am not entirely sure of the status of this particular novel, and that is due to recent events; ones that you have no doubt heard about by now.

I have honestly tried all day to think of something entertaining, because it's Monday and we all need a good pick-up at the start of the week, but alas, my brain is frazzled. So I am sorry to say this is going to be a very dull post.

I am afraid getting back in to the work environment has been rather testing this past week - my first week - apart from a few mistakes I am doing well, but I now find that my tiredness has become a roller-coaster where I feel I want to crash one minute only to wake up the next. Not fun.

Needless to say I need to get use to my new routine, and I am hoping I do sooner rather than later for I have stories to tell. Stories I so badly want to work on and yet I'm finding it hard to do so at the moment; and for a number of reasons. *le sigh*

So, how has your weekend been? And have you anything fun planned this summer? It's my birthday soon. I'm afraid that's as fun as it gets for me. :-P


  1. Big virtual hugs, (((((((Elizabeth)))))))

    This is a bit of a shitty time, and I'm not surprised you can think of nothing to blog about... although in truth your post is about everything important, just without the ability to communicate it... yet.

    First week's are always stressful, but on the bright side, you're allowed to make mistakes on your first week, so don't be too hard on yourself.

    And give yourself a SMALL writing goal: 200 words a day - that's it! Don't even think about writing more than that. In 3 weeks, you'll have a short story; in 6 weeks you'll have a novelette, in 3 months you'll have a novella.

    Easy does it - it wasn't the hare that won the race. xxx

  2. Ha. I guess it kinda is. Needless to say like a duck on the river I am just sitting and watching the current at the moment.

    Very true, and I have said a number of times to my boss "I should just get new girl tattooed on my forehead."

    200 is definitely my aim at the moment. Just until things settle.

    Big hugs back!! :-D xxx