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Friday, 3 August 2012

A Round-Up - and burning the candle at both ends

It shouldn't surprise anyone that I forgot to post yesterday. I think I need to set an alarm somewhere for Thursday blogging, lol. I've tried that before, and the problem is, that whenever the alarm goes off I'm always in the middle of something else, so I think, "Oh, I'll have to remember to do that later," and then I just forget o_O

If you're on my FB page or Twitter you'll know I'm kinda burning the candle at both ends at the moment.

I also have three separate work issues to deal with and my emotional responses to those, and it's taking it out of me a bit, but that's just life...

I'm leaving everyone with the Round-up that I posted on my own blog: ARC reviews of The Demon Bride are starting to come in :) And there's a giveaway for anyone who hasn't read The Witching Pen series yet...


1. The first two ARC reviews of The Demon Bride are out: Close Encounters With The Night Kind and Bookaholics Book Club (Ninfa)

At Bookaholics, you can also win the first two books in the series if you haven't read any of it yet. I have an in-depth guest post here about why I "write sex" in my books :)

And at Close Encounters, you can view a shorter guest post and Nikki's reviews of all three books!


2. The Witching Pen had an AWESOME first birthday!!! Really, it was amazing, and I just want to say a special thank you to everyone who came along and joined in. You really made my day so special :)
I'm posting out SWAG for winners on Saturday, and hang in there if you haven't heard from me for your address, I'm getting there (I'll be up 'til 3am this morning, lol)...

3. I have Stacey Rourke on my main blog this coming Saturday for Author Spotlight :) She'll be posting a wacky character interview and giving some stuff away, so don't miss out.

There is more, but that's all for now :) It's less than ONE MONTH before The Demon Bride comes out. If you haven't started The Witching Pen series yet, get on it - the frist book is on permanent offer at only $0.99 across retail sites ;)

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