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Monday, 20 August 2012

Timing is everything

In a lot of cases timing is a big deal, and when things don't work out we usually hear the phrase, "it obviously wasn't the right time."

Now, although I am actually someone who believes this to my very core - "there is a time for everything" & "your time will come" - I can't say it doesn't frustrate me sometimes.

I, personally, believe that throughout life a person has certain things they must do, and those things will happen when they are supposed to happen; not a moment to soon, or to late. Now, a lot of people could see that as laziness, I guess. Lack of motivation to just make something happen, but that's the thing, you can try and try, and try again, and may not get anywhere. So you wait for a period of time and try again, it sometimes everything just clicks in to place.

I sound like I'm talking in riddles don't I? 

The thing is I'm "technically" in between projects at the moment, and I hate this period of time, because I have ten projects - no, I'm not lying to make myself look impressive, I honestly do have a folder full of started projects - that I have maybe a couple of hundred words on, or a blurb, of lots of background details on, and yet I can't find the spark to get on with them. It's not because I hate them, or find them boring, I like every one of these projects, but I'm just not feeling them.

I know how awful that sounds, and I hate it. I have said a couple of times on here and in interviews that I can't push myself to write because I block myself - something else I hate - and it is the truth. So I am left here feeling utterly useless. I need the spark. I need that hook that is going to pull me in and make me write until I finish, but I'm not feeling it and it makes me wonder if it's because I'm not suppose to write these projects just yet.

That also, no doubt, sounds lazy and like an excuse, but could there be something in it? Could I be gifted inspiration and ideas that I have to note down and save for later?

If that's the case it makes me wonder when is the right time to start writing them? Well, naturally the right time will be when I open the folder, read it, and the spark ignites, but it's so damn frustrating, especially when getting on with projects seems to come so easily to other authors. I often wonder if there is something wrong with me that I can't just jump ships - or rather projects - and crack on with them.

At the end of the day, whether there is a right time or not, I know that I'm in charge of my own work load, and schedule. I know that everyone works differently, thinks differently. I just wish that I had a "work" switch I could flick on as soon as I have time to write; that, or I wish I had a better muse, because she is a pain in the ass.

How about you; do you feel there is a right time for projects? Some you should sit on for a while? Do you have an tips or tricks to get the ole' brain box working properly? 

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