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Monday, 3 September 2012

Waitin' on some groovy things!

Has anyone ever noticed that we seem to go through phases of waiting? Well, yeah, kinda happens when you're a writer ;-p

Sneaky side project has taken more of a shape in my mind, and I pretty much know where I'm going with it, which makes me very happy. But I've had to put writing it on hold the last two weeks since I've had guests staying and like many writers I find it hard to concentrate when there are people in the house. Needless to say although it's nice to see old friends and family, I can't wait to have the house to myself once more.

So, apart from waiting to get peace and quite back in my house . . . I also have a couple of other things I'm looking forward to.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I have a book cover ordered, and should be getting the mock-up next week. I'm freakin' excited about seeing what the amazing Elaina Lee has created for my story "Charged." 

I purchased one of her pre-made covers early this year and it is beautiful. I saw it and knew that I had to have it for "Tainted," which is the WIP that accompanies "Charged." I have wanted to show it off for months now, but I didn't want to do so until I bought this next cover. So, when I have them both I will be showing them off.

Anyone who is interested in covers for any of their projects should definitely give Elaina's pre-made covers a look. They seriously are gorgeous. http://www.forthemusedesign.com/pre-made-covers.html

I recently purchased some swag for the "Bitten by Paranormal Romance & Gabrielle Bisset" September Giveaway Blog Hop, which I am participating in between the 13th - 16th. - http://www.bittenbyparanormalromance.com/2012/06/18-and-over-giveaway-blogger-hop.html

The swag all turned out really well, but I'm particularly excited about the custom made Blood Series jewellery I had designed.

The awesome Ashlyn Chase designed two beautiful necklaces, which I personally LOVE! I desperately wanted some series themed jewellery and Ashlyn has done an amazing job. They're dark with lots of crimson. They have a nice touch of Werewolf, but a little hint of Vampire, and I plan to purchase some every now and again for big competitions. So, another two items that I really can't wait to share with y'all!

Ashlyn does some beautiful pieces of jewellery and at reasonable prices, which she sells at her online store - http://www.etsy.com/shop/AshlynsImagination?ref=top_trail 

Other that that, I'm waiting for a publishing date and book cover for my sweet contemporary romance, "Stepping Stones." I'm waiting for edits and a release date for my upcoming dark paranormal f/f erotica, "On The Rocks." And I'm waiting to hear back about my submission, "Creak," which is an erotic thriller.

Phew. Busy. Busy. But I am very excited to receive/hear about all of the above. So hopefully I can share something real groovy with you this time next week. :-)

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