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Thursday, 25 October 2012

The "true" Alpha hero?

I heard this song on the radio this morning...

and it got me thinking about Mr Bond. Ah... the delectable, secretive, sexy Mr Bond. And probably the greatest Alpha hero of all time (in my opinion, anyway).

It got me thinking, that "Alpha" heroes have been around since forever, but only in more recent decades have they been pigeon-holed into romance novels. Before the romance genre got big, they were the adventurers: James Bond, Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Richard Sharpe, any Clint Eastwood cowboy... sure they had love interests, but that really wasn't the point of their existence.

It made me realise that I watch, and used to watch, a hell of a lot of adventure films. Funnily enough, I've never liked romance films all that much. They were okay, but always a bit chick-flicky for my liking - give me Indiana any day, or a good horror - oh, I LOVE a good horror hero (Bruce Campbell, anyone?), because they end up always being the "nerd" that transforms into a kick-that-evil-butt-to-the-curb, don't-mess-with-me dude, and I love seeing that transformation :)

So, yeah, I heard this song and thought that it's sort of a shame that whenever anyone thinks of the Alpha male nowadays, they always slot him into the romance genre. A shame because I would never want to "catch" an Alpha male - I even find it hard to write it in fiction (I'm not 100% sure I have actually) - sometimes hard to read it. In my heart, the true Alpha will always be the adventurer that CANNOT be pinned down - by any woman (or man) - ever. He can love them, he can protect them, but he'll never stay with them. That's actually what makes him Alpha - in the end, leadership always means standing on your own - even when surrounded by a million people, a hundred friends, and the love of your life.

(And I apply exactly the same concept to the Alpha woman.)

Lol. Sorry if I've bummed your view of the Alpha male. Not my intention - all of this is just my own view. Maybe I should write adventure novels instead :p

What does the Alpha hero mean to you?

Have a great Thursday, everyone :)

Dianna x

1 comment:

  1. Actually, I would LOVE to write an adventure novel from the man's POV. I've just added it to the list ;)