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Monday, 22 October 2012

Upcoming Releases!

Isn't it funny how one minute you're just bobbing along, and then everything kinda explodes and suddenly there feels like there aren't enough hours in the day?

That's how things feel at the moment, which I'm kinda glad about since being busy pushes me to be busier. I know, it's sheer madness, but I find I'm more productive when I'm stupidly busy.

So, this is basically an update type post. The reason why I am nice and busy is because I have two books being released any time from now till the end of November. I'm still waiting for release dates so as soon as I know you will.

First release - which you may have heard me mention a couple of times - is my first every sweet contemporary romance novel, "Stepping Stones." This book is practically virginal compared to every other book I have written. There is no violence, no sex, there isn't even any swearing. Shocking, I know. :-P

I received the cover for SS this week and I have to say I am totally in love with it. I mean, it's just so pretty and Christmas themed.


There's nothing like a wedding to bring the family together . . . .

And if it wasn't her baby sister's wedding, Margaret West wouldn't be returning home at all.

Why else would she go back after six years, knowing full well that she has people to face, and explanations to give?

If her parents interrogation isn't bad enough, the fact that she has to be civil to her foster brother, Adrian, is. Best friends since childhood, they haven't spoken since he went to America . . . The day before Margaret was supposed to be getting married.

And to make matters worse, her ex-fiancé, William, is the Vicar who will be conducting her sister's wedding ceremony!

All want an answer from her, and they aren't taking "no" as one of them. Why did she run in the first place? Why has she been so angry with, Adrian? Why didn't she marry, William?

Margaret isn't even sure that she knows the real reason any more.

~ * ~

The next book I am excited about because it is my first release with Decadent Publishing, and is part of their "The Edge Series."

I have to say I had a lot of fun writing "On the Rocks." Mainly because a) it wasn't plot heavy, which is refreshing because it was nice to concentrate one a story that is b) sexy, but it is also a little dark and twisted, and c) it's my first F/F book, which again was refreshing and different for me. But I love both the girls, and I hope that you all will too.


“On the Rocks” is the hottest club on South Padre Island, and Meghan’s new workplace.

If the warped mermaid uniform isn’t enough, the fact that she can’t stop thinking about the clubs singer, Zenzie, is. Everything about the female gets Meghan hot, but when she finally gets her shot with the temptress it turns out Zenzie isn’t as perfect, or as human, as Meghan thinks.

~ * ~

Other than that I have been cracking on with my lil' WIP "Let Me In." The original idea was to have a sexy trilogy of short stories with an ongoing and light plot. But I have to admit the more I sit and work on this, and think about it, I'm starting to wonder if it would work better as one longer story. I guess I will just have to crack on with it and see what happens. I will keep you posted. :-)


  1. Awesome :) Two great covers, and Stepping Stones sounds intriguing! Good luck with it - looking forward to knowing your release dates :D xxx

  2. I do love the covers. Thanks, hun. Me too! :-) xxx