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Friday, 2 November 2012

An update on current happenings.

So much has happened in a short space of time that I thought I'd do a quick update here on this blog for my Thursday post, and I promise to think of an actual subject for next week!

1. The Witching Pen is FREE to download at the moment across retail sites. It's free until at least the 8th November, but depending on the feedback I get, I may keep it free until the end of the year. I've never offered an entire book free before - a short story, yes - but not a whole book, so this is a bit of an experiment. I have to say that at the moment, the feedback is wonderful :D Here are the download links:
2. I've redesigned my website :D Always fun!!! If you've read The Witching Pen series and watched the trailer for The Last Dragon, you'll know who that couple represent in the header ;)

You can view my site HERE and while you're there, I'll add that I've updated my FAQ page. I've added what is hopefully a useful "Will I Like Your Book?" answer, among other things, but I may as well paste it here - it's a hint at my writing style for anyone who isn't familiar with it:

I have no friggin' idea! I find it impossible to know who will like my books and who will not. My books tend to be a lot lighter in tone than people expect, and they can find that weird because I touch on very dark, sometimes taboo, subjects. From what little I can gather, those that like my work most tend to be those that love fast-paced stories that "feel a bit YA" in writing style, although please don't take that as read - you may still not like it, and the guy down the road with a Masters in Biochemistry may love it. Who knows. Reading is subjective.

Avid romance readers should take note of this: I don't write to a formula. There are no rules. My books contain multiple characters and each book is not just dedicated to one hero and heroine, and the "happy" may not happen until the very end of the series. The romance may also not be seen as "traditional". Please consider yourselves forewarned ;)

Oh, and my books are not recommended for those under 18.

3. I'm hosting a giveaway right now for a bunch of SWAG and a signed Demon Bride paperback. It's on Facebook and you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=464195380285720&set=a.321274827911110.72074.144058758966052&type=1&theater

4. Lastly, I'm 71% into writing Releasing The Wolf... and still going ;)

Hope you all had a great Samhain / Halloween!

Dianna xx

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