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Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 in a nutshell

Well, it’s New Years Eve. Another year has flown by and we are heading in to the next. The speed in which time is flying scares me in a lot of ways, but at the same time I find myself curious about what the future holds for me; both professionally and personally.

So, I’m afraid this is a little bit of a look back post from me today. I’m looking back and noting the good things that happened in 2012, because if there is one thing I have realised this year it is that I pay too much attention to the negative, but then, I guess we all do. It’s easier for us to focus on the bad things and brush the good ones under the rug.

2011 ended on a semi-bad note in the personal department, but that situation smothered my energy to write for a good chunk of that year. So at the beginning of 2012 I threw myself in to the idea I had been playing around with the year before; Generation Breed Series. Yes, I started the year writing the first two interlocking stories to my new series and I find that I may start 2013 the same way, but hopefully this time I will be finishing it.

This year has been full of inspiration for me. I have had a ton of ideas for new stories, which I have had to log away in my journal. I love getting ideas but the only downside is I can’t write fast enough to get them all on paper and finished. Not that I am complaining. I would rather have a variety of plots to pick from once current projects are finished then be stuck.

I also manage to write two books; On the Rocks, my dark erotic paranormal f/f novella which was contracted and published by Decadent Publishing. And my first erotic thriller novella which is currently titled “Creak,” which was contracted later this year with Secret Cravings Publishing’s. I actually received the edits for this book last week and have been informed it will be released in January 2013 – a good start to the year, if you ask me.

I had three books published this year; the most recent being “On the Rocks.” My first sweet contemporary romance, “Stepping Stones,” was released with Noble Romance Publishing. I love the cover, and can’t wait to hear what readers think of the story. And in the summer “Cranberry Blood,” Book 1 in The Blood Series was released. So far readers have liked the book, which I am very happy about since this book was the first I wrote . . . and then rewrote to get the version you can purchase. It’s a long story, but let’s just say, this is an important book to me for a few reasons.

Since getting my day job in August I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done. Something that I keep kicking myself about, but in looking at all the above I feel proud that I managed to finish and share those above works with you all. Another lesson I have only just recently learnt – and I am sure this will sound familiar from some of my other posts – but I need to stop comparing myself to a) other authors and how much they are able to write in zed amount of time with zed amount of responsibilities. But most importantly I need to b) stop comparing my completed projects for this year with what I completed in 2011, or 2010. Stuff changes and I won’t always be able to write as much as I want, or I will. I just need to be thankful that I still write and find the time, energy, and/of inspiration to do what I love. I am thankful for that. I just need to learn to relax. Sounds like a possible resolution for 2013, huh?

Most importantly, 2012 has brought me new friends. The authors I have met this year have helped me feel less alone. I know that may sound insane, but being an author is a very isolating job. Sure, we have characters to keep us entertained and occupied. Sure, we have family members and friends we still see and talk too, but sometimes it is good to be able to talk to someone else about writing. There is only so much my family and friends can take of me talking about plots and characters.

So I want to say a big thank you to all the authors I have connected with this year; especially, my co-blogger, Dianna Hardy. Dianna has been a huge support this year. She is a very talented writer, hard worker, and an awesome person. Thanks, hun. :-)

Lastly, I have gained new readers this year as well as some wonderful reviews. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has purchased/read any/all of my books. It means the world to me that you have taken the chance and “picked” up one of my books. I hope that you have enjoyed my stories and will continue to.

This year has been good, and I have high hopes that 2013 will be even better. So, I guess the only thing left to say is Happy New Year. Have a wonderful night!

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