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Friday, 28 December 2012

We will carry each other to new heights!

Technically, I'm still on my Christmas break, and will be until 2nd January, so this is a short post.

Thinking of all the things I'm grateful for this year, I'm grateful for my fellow indie authors (and I include authors that are published by small presses for the purpose of this post). There is A TON of good work out there just waiting to be read. I hear/see day in, day out, how people are adamant they'll never read a self-published piece of work, or a book that's not available in the book store... Although I respect everyone's individual preferences, that is so limiting! To say that you will only read a book you can find in a store? My local book store is the size of a cupboard!!!

I'm grateful to my fellow authors for pushing the boat out; for being brave enough to say, "to hell with what people think, I'm doing it anyway", because without those authors, it would have been one hundred times harder for me.

It's easy for authors to view other authors as competition, but the truth is that every independent author has helped to open someone's eyes to greater reading material; to eBooks; to a new story that would not have been heard of any other way... and in doing so, that person's eyes were opened to me as an author too. For them, I  suddenly became a possibility, and was no longer a liability.

So thank you, authors. Keep writing, keep reading, keep loving the written word and feeding those creative juices. By doing what we are already doing, we will carry each other to new heights.

Dianna xxx

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