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Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas . . .

Is like three weeks tomorrow! Where has the year gone; like seriously? I remember taking my tree down at the beginning of the year. God, it freaks me out how fast time is flying man, it really does.

But in saying that I am totally looking forward to Christmas. I love the fact that you can really feel the season. Something in the air changes and you just suddenly feel all warm and cosy. I love it.

Today I put the tree up. I hate going in the attic for it, but I did, and I'm happy to say I didn't get a giant spider on my head. Yay! Putting the lights on the damn thing always stresses me out, because they are made in a hoop instead of one long line, but needless to say, I did it and it looks pretty. I now have a whole month of telling my cat off for deep-throating the bristles, but unfortunately it has become a tradition in itself. What can I say, my cat is a weirdo.

What about you; is your tree up? Or do you do the twelve day before thing, and the twelve days after?

I get why people do that, but in my opinion December is tree month. So, tree goes up on the December 1st and then comes down on January 1st. I was just a couple days late putting it up this year, but never mind.

Christmas shopping is almost done. I'm on the ball this year, thank god. Last minute Christmas shopping is a super pain in the ass. I have my cards all written out. All I have to do is start sending parcels so they get to their destinations on time.

Needless to say, I am totally ready for Christmas! I even dug out my 3 disc Christmas Compilation album. My fave christmas song isn't on it, which is just typical really.

Wham - Last Christmas

What can I say? It's catchy. I know the lyrics. It's sad, but a little hopeful, and then at the same time realistic.

What's your favourite Christmas song? Are you all ready and excited for Christmas day?

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