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Monday, 11 February 2013

An odd day

Today was an odd sort of day. I woke up feeling quite happy and ready to crack down on some edits that need to be done for a co-authored project. That plan was quickly pushed aside by a visit from my aunt who got to share in my excitement from a fab phone call I wasn't sure I would get.

I got offered a new job! It's a million times better than the current job I am doing and I am thrilled that I got it.

After the phone call things went a little down hill because I decided to call my boss and give my two weeks notice; wanting to get the horrid task of quitting out of the way. He didn't take it well. I didn't think he would, but his reaction ticked me off.

Needless to say I am not looking forward to going in to work tomorrow after that conversation, but I will get through it with a smile on my face and a constant celebration in my mind. Two weeks and I am out of there. ^_^

On top of that "Creak" received its first review today; 3.5 fairies from Bex 'n' Books. It was an honest and much appreciate review and I am very grateful for it.

~ * ~

"Creak, by Elizabeth Morgan, is an enjoyable erotic thriller. The collection of main characters in Creak helps to provide an element of depth in this erotic tension fuelled short. Nicole, Kacey and Tyler have many endearing qualities, so much so that when events escalate in this novella, I was happily cheering them on and was likewise anxious and concerned.

The story moves fast, and as such so does the dialogue and interaction. There's no beating around the bush with these characters. Sometimes, reactions seemed a little too hasty and unrealistic, especially toward the end, yet overall, I was content with the heat rating and tense drama.

If you are looking for a sexy Ménage à trois novella, with a thriller plot to drive the story forward, then I'm sure you'll enjoy Creak. A sexy 3.5 fairies." - Bex 'n' Books

(Disclosure: Creak was received from the author for free in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.)

~ * ~

I also go the dates for my "On the Rocks" book tour which has been set up by FMB Author Promotions. The tour will run on February 25th and 26th. I will be giving away a copy of "On the Rocks" as well as three swag packs filled with a multitude of goodies, and one lucky winner gets to pick any title they desire from Decadent Publishing back list. Sound good? Check out the dates and stops here.

So, how has your Monday been? Good? Bad? A little bit of both?

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