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Friday, 1 February 2013

Creation Through Pain.

© Photographer Tatiana Morozova | Dreamstime.com
I don't think it's a secret that artists pour themselves into their work and I all of a sudden wondered whether your passion (writing, acting, dancing, painting...) can actually be a therapy for any kind of pain you go through.

When I wrote 'Til Death Do Us Part, I worked off a lot of anger. I would even say that I channelled it into the writing, and that little novelette (which I actually think is one of my better pieces, believe it or not) was the result.

Does it work for all kinds of pain? Hurt? Sadness? Grief? Physical pain? I hope time doesn't tell, but I suspect it will, especially if I continue writing into my seventies ... eighties ... here's hoping I will be :)

What I can say for 2013 is that it's already challenging in many ways, but then we always knew it would be, didn't we? 2013 is when the truth comes out to play; when we discover what we're made of and who the people around us really are. There is no hiding this year. Words will find you and leave your lips, or maybe your fingertips, willing to be heard whether you want them to be heard or not. No hiding.

The question is always, are we ready to see?

Dianna x

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