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Monday, 18 March 2013

Cranberry Blood has been nominated!!

So, I'm going to sound like a bit of a broken record since I have already announced this on Facebook, but screw it, because I am just super over the moon at the moment.

Cranberry Blood has been nominated by TRR Reviewers for Best Romance – Paranormal Romance (2012) at The Romance Reviews (“TRR”).

This is the first time any of my books have been nominated for, well, anything. I'm still a new author in a lot ways, and in a lot of ways I am still figuring where I fall as a writer and what my strong points are etc. So, to have a book simply nominated and along side some amazing authors - a couple of which I admire the hell out of - is just completely mind blowing. Plus, it is such a nice way to end a Monday. Ha.

Off the top of my head I can't think of anything to bribe anyone with, not that I think anyone needs bribing, but if you would feel inclined to vote for Cranberry Blood then I would be super grateful. (And I am totally open to suggestions if you want bribing. Ha. :-P )

If you're interested in voting just follow this link - http://www.theromancereviews.com/bookvote.php - the category for Paranormal romance is fourth from the bottom.

Voting started today - March 18th - and runs through to March 31st. You do have to sign in to be able to vote. I understand what that means if you don't already have an account, but like I said, the choice is yours. Thank you in advance if you do vote for Cranberry Blood. :-)

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Cranberry Blood
(Dark Sensual Paranormal Romance)

Book: One| Series: The Blood Series


Killing Vampires? Easy. Tracking someone? Simple. Helping, and protecting a Vampire slayer... Bloody hard work!

Thirteen years ago, Brendan Daniels made a deal with a psychic. In exchange for information on the whereabouts of a Rogue Werewolf, he promised to help and protect Sofia's granddaughter. Unfortunately, he had no idea what he was getting himself, or his Pack, into.

Nothing about Heather is simple, from her weird dietary needs to her life’s mission. The girl can handle herself, but the promise to protect her soon becomes a need, and one that he can't fully understand.

Vampire Slayer. Born Infected. Blood addict... but not by choice.

Heather Ryan is the most recent slayer in a long family line. Like all before her, she has spent her life searching for her ancestor, Marko Pavel, the Vampire her family has sworn to kill. If that isn't complicated enough, Heather is also a born "Infected", and to keep her from becoming insane or giving in to her darker side, she is on a very strict diet.

Grandmother Sofia has passed, so now it is up to Heather to take the family legacy into her own hands, all alone: or at least, it would have been, if her Grandmother hadn't sent a Werewolf to help her.
What is the irritating Brendan supposed to help Heather with? Sofia never told either one of them. But it doesn't take long for Heather and Brendan to find out that the Vampires have big plans, and that the fiends have waited a long time for them both.

This title contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature.

To read the first chapter of Cranberry Blood, click here.

Length: Novel| Content: Sensual Romance| Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Purchase: Noble Romance PublishingAmazon.comAmazon.co.ukBookstrand.comAllRomanceEbooks


  1. Of course I am voting for you! Not even Larissa Ione has Scottish werewolves :p Hugs - well done :) xxx

    1. Lol Thanks, I really appreciate your vote, hun. Thank you! :-D xxxx