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Thursday, 21 March 2013

We booked a family holiday!!!

It sounds like such a silly thing to blog about, but we haven't been away for over a year, and this time, we splashed out and decided we should go to Center Parcs. Wowza. We're going on a grown-up family holiday, lol. Usually, we collate all the pennies we have and decide what we need to sacrifice to have a good time. We've thrown caution to the wind this time :) Nothing will be sacrificed!!!

In other, more work-related news, the proof copies of my paperbacks have arrived and YEY! - they look REALLY good :D Will be reading in the cafe with a giant coffee within half an hour...

Cry Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm #2)
I'm so pleased to say that the ARCs are picking up some great reviews at the moment - I hope all my readers enjoy it just as much :)

There will be a couple of chances to win some signed paperback copies via some review blogs, so look out for that from release day.

I've been thinking about the third book, Heart Of The Wolf. Thinking about it, but not dwelling on it just yet. I'm switching modes to write The Last Dragon (which I've also been thinking about, and freaking out slightly over, but then I always freak out when I write a new book of a series, so to speak... But this one won't just be a new book - it'll be the LAST book...).

I'm going to leave it there and get on with the paperback proofing.

FAMILY HOLIDAY!!! I am so looking forward to getting away into pampered surroundings to a bit :)

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Dianna x

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  1. It isn't a silly thing, hun. A holiday is something to be excited about. I hope you have a lovely, fun time. You deserve a break. :-) xx