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Monday, 22 April 2013


Promoting. I find there is a fine line between "too much" and "not enough." Although, I have to say that not enough seems to be the easier outcome.

As an author I have to promote my books on an ongoing basis; or rather, as much as I can. From the portion of promotion I have tried I have seen what works and what doesn't, but I am always looking for new ideas, which also goes for competitions.

So, today's post is actually rather short, because today I want to ask you all what you would find interesting to read about in regards to an authors work (background, process, personal thoughts etc.) Outside of their work what would interest you? One thing I struggle with - which I am sure you can tell after reading a lot of my blogs on this very site - is blogging about interesting subjects. I never really know what to talk about. I mean, I have things I can talk about, but would anyone find them interesting? Would you prefer to know something else? I really want to write interesting posts for you, but never really know what would be classed as interesting.

I guess what I am saying is what would you like to know about? My books, me, my views on writing - or anything else you might want to throw in there? Do you find you learn more from interviews than you would a guest post? Do you prefer chat nights - actually talking to the author - rather than reading a post/interview and leaving a comment? 

And competitions, what type of swag would you like to win? Do you like personalized - series/book based - items? Clothing, jewellery, gift vouches, books etc?

What would capture your attention most - outside of the book cover/blurb -make you give the authors work a chance?

Basically, I'm asking for your suggestions. You are the readers who are so kindly purchasing my work - and hopefully enjoying it - so I want to give you the information you want, answer your questions, basically talk about and giveaway interesting information and items.

Any suggestions you could offer would be most appreciated. Hope you've had a lovely Monday. :-)


  1. Also remember, that what seems like too much to you, may not seem like it to others because social networking is hit and miss: what you see 100 times, someone else will only see five times.

    WRT the merchandise... I'm a practical girl, and I tend to like things I know I'll use: bookmarks (not signed - I'd never use a signed one), cotton bags (any bags), mugs, pens, keyrings, etc.

    But everyone's different.

    Hope that helps!
    Dianna xxx

  2. I love reading posts about everything to be honest! Reviews, new books authors have coming out, and the occasional personal blog post.

    As for goodies I prefer either amazon.co.uk vouchers to buy ebooks, a signed paperback, or ebooks.

    Help at all? Sorry if not!

    1. Oooo, forgot about Amazon GVs - yeah, I love getting those too! Although, I gotta say, it feels really impersonal giving them out in a contest, lol, even if I like receiving them. x

  3. Thanks for the feedback, ladies. Very helpful. :-) xx