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Monday, 15 April 2013

Truth or Dare? is finished!

Found this through pinterest.
For me, it basically sums up the story.
People did not leave me alone last week, but despite the fact that my time shrank to less than half of what I thought I would have I managed to complete "Truth or Dare?" Can I get a "hell yeah!"

I have yet to edit the life out of my new shiny and submit it, which I did aim to do this week, but the reason for the delay on those two particular steps is because I wanted someone to read the story first, and who better than my lovely co-blogger. Thank you, Dianna! :-D xxx

So, I eagerly await her honest opinion.

Until then, I am catching up on a couple of things, and eagerly awaiting pay day as I have some virus software that is going to expire in like two weeks. Eh.

So, I thought I would leave you with a very rough blurb for "Truth or Dare?" and a - unedited - excerpt. Enjoy!

~ * ~

Truth or Dare?
(An erotic contemporary short)

Do you dare tell the truth?

A house-warming party was the last thing Dani wanted, but what she didn't expect upon clearing her apartment was to be roped into a tequila fuelled game of truth or dare.

Just harmless fun? Not when Cameron, the guy of her fantasies and the most irritating man she has ever known, is the one provoking her into playing.

When the game turns intimate and their friends leave them alone, things suddenly turn serious. Is it bravado pushing them forward? The desire for one night of fun? Or will a dare give both Dani and Cameron the courage they need to tell the truth?

~ * ~


I wandered over to my glass cupboard, and reached up on tiptoes to find the cluster of tumblers. A large hand landed on my hip. Fingertips skimmed the band of my jeans as solid muscle pressed me into the kitchen counter.

“Need any help?”Amusement lit Cameron’s voice.

Words seemed to escape me. I sucked in a deep breath at the feel of his rough fingertips skimming my waist. An involuntary shudder shook me as the thought of him ripping my jeans open, spreading my legs, and fucking me right on the spot sent tingles to my clit. God, how many times had I imagined him doing that? Too many.

“Not from you, I don’t.” The words were shaky as I forced them past my lips.

His husky laughter rumbled through my back. He was so hot and hard, I wanted to melt into him, and I hated myself for it.

Soft lips pressed against my ear. “Why are you so stubborn?”

“Why are you so impatient? Can’t a girl cut limes and grab glasses in peace?”

My stomach quivered as he slipped his hand round to my stomach; playing with the button on my jeans. “Are you sure you want to play?” His voice dropped to a soft growl. “I can think of so many other ways you and me could christen your new place; starting right here, right now.”

A ragged breath left me. He slid his hand from under my T-shirt, and walked his fingers up my arm as he reached into the cupboard. His hips pinned me to the counter, and I had to cut off a groan at the feel of his impressive erection digging in to my ass.

“What do you say?”

I clenched my thighs together as moisture flooded my panties. My eyelids fluttered shut. “I say the day I agree to such activities with you will be the day hell freezes over.”

He laughed, low and husky. “You want to play the hard way, I’m game.”

My eyelids snapped open as glass hit the side. I glanced down to see four tumblers in his grasp as his hand rested on the counter beside me. “But who knows what I might ask you.”

“Ask whatever you want.” I glanced over my shoulder. “You don’t scare me.”

His lips twisted. “Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.”

~ * ~

Hope you've had a lovely Monday. :-)

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