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Friday, 24 May 2013

Writing With Synchronicity

I've no idea if I've mentioned this before in any of my other posts, but have you noticed (those that write) that when you're writing a story, or plot line, or character trait, that those things then start to happen to you? Or you experience them somehow, even if just in a small way?

Or if you don't write, have you experienced this in relation to some other area or activity in your life?

I'm writing about a fairly chaotic time in most of my characters' lives at the moment, and today has definitely been a chaotic day (and so has the past few weeks in a way). It's a bit like I'm given the chance to act out my book.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

And another things happened to me, involving my knees (those of you on my Facebook page will know, lol), that also gave me better insight into one of my characters.

I know that when I was writing The Demon Bride, I wrote it often during slightly freaky weather conditions (which I also got in spades today, by the way) and it mirrored the essence of the book perfectly. That also happened while writing Releasing The Wolf - thunderstorms galore.

Anyone had any similar experiences while writing?

Dianna x

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