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Monday, 20 May 2013

Loose Writing Schedule for the rest of 2013

So this is a very loose writing schedule. I realize that I haven't spoken a lot about my books etc these last couple of months, or rather, about what's bouncing about it my head. Surprisingly there is a lot bouncing around in my head, and although there is a lot of room for creativity and it is up to me what I write . . . unfortunately I can't write quick enough and I have to organize projects.

I kinda hate organizing projects. I should just write whatever I am most interested in, but the thing is when you have series - ones that you have started and published - they kinda take priority over all the new ideas. So, I gotta lock all the new ideas away for now and hope I will get around to them eventually.

The nice things if that for the last couple of weeks I have been having scenes and slithers of dialogue for the sequel to Cranberry Blood, which hasn't got a title at the moment. I have delayed starting this next book due to all the havoc that took place with the publishing company last summer, but I miss my characters and their world and despite everything I can't, and won't, stop writing just because of what has happened. Why should I, my characters, or you the readers miss out on this adventure?

So, I plan to crack on with the next book in The Blood Series, but not until I have finished my current WIP, and figured out if it's a standalone, a series, or a mini series.

I also plan to write the next book in The Overseers Series at some point at the end of the year. I don't like the fact there has been a big gap since book 1 was released, but due to low sales I have had to step back and make some decisions in regards to The Collector and the series on a whole, but more on that nearer the time.

As for my planned self-pub series - Generation-Breed - which I am still in the process of writing . . . After looking at it, I have realized this is going to be a side project that I work on slowly. The story has layers. More than I thought. More than I can currently get my head around and I need it to fit, and work, make sense, and be good. I don't want to rush it, or ruin it. So, it is a semi-back-burned project.

The other thing is I am currently waiting to hear back on two submissions and another matter. I'm so not a patient person, but what can I do? If there is anything I have come to learn - and at least it is starting to sink into my head this year - it's that I need to keep busy so I don't obsessively check my inbox. And that it really doesn't matter how much I write a year as long as what I write is good and interesting, and that I'm happy with it.

So, this is a very loose writing schedule for this year:

Truth or Dare? (Contemporary Erotic Short) - In submission

Watermaker: Book 1 in the Black Water Trilogy (New Adult Futuristic Romance) - In submission

Let Me In (Dark Erotic Paranormal) - Writing  - I hope to have this completed by mid-July

Blood Book 2 (Dark Paranormal Sensual Romance) - I plan to start this book in August and have it finished before Christmas.

Project - I'm waiting to hear about this particular story and aim to self-publish and release it in September, with a little luck.

The Keeper: Book 2 in The Overseers Series (Paranormal Erotic Romance) - I hope to start this project in December and finish it early 2014

Hopefully there is something on there for you all to look forward to? All I know is that I can't wait to share these stories with y'all. Wish me luck! :-D

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