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Friday, 28 June 2013

Hopping genres yet again.

It's no secret that I genre-hop, or cross genres when I write, and while I don't like to be labelled, I admit that it stresses me out when I think that readers might expect the same kind of writing from each of my books or series, when the reality is that they might get something different each time.

I do explain (briefly) what kind of book you're getting at the bottom of each book description (where I can). But short of writing "NONE OF MY BOOKS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME" in large letters across my website, there's not much else I can do.

Why am I mentioning this? Firstly, because I should really care less. But it is very hard to care less when you are also the marketing department for you own books. It's not just a personal niggle - it's me trying to ensure that I am marketing myself and my books correctly and that is not an easy task when you mix up your genres like I do.

Secondly, I have plotted out a potential book - a standalone novel - for 2015. It's a dark, paranormal chiller (yes, chiller), and when I say dark, I mean really quite dark. If it gets written, it's like nothing I'll have ever written before. The humour usually conveyed in my books will be a much less in this one, with the focus much more on the chill factor. Sort of like James Herbert crosses Richard Laymon. And the subject matter is a little controversial.

It's a long way off, so there's not much else I can say, other than I drafted a book cover and blurb for it last night to see how it sits with me. It's sitting good so far, even if I'm a little apprehensive about writing it - it's got to be done right. But hey, I love a challenge. I crave a challenge :)

It means I may have to change that section on my site so it doesn't read Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy, as this book would see a new side to my writing.

Anyway ... a dark, paranormal chiller, where the morality of what is right and wrong is always in question. It won't be a comfortable read. How does that sound to my current readers?

Do tell :)

Dianna xxx



  1. sounds good to me! But then again anything you write is a fav of mine....

  2. Well Dianna I say go for it hop, cross genres whatever just as long as you keep on writing. But I love paranormal, fantasy, horror, chiller. I don't know why I love all the dark gory, killing stuff when I wouldn't hurt a flea unless it bit me that is but I do.

    Nancy @ The Avid Reader

  3. Thank you!!! :D
    And so everyone's clear, I'll still be writing the paranormal romance and the urban fantasy. I'm just expanding is all ;)

  4. I have to say I agree with Maggie and Nancy. If you love an authors voice and their writing then you are more than likely willing to pick up anything they write and give it a go.

    Something I would definitely do in regards to your work, hun. Love your voice, style, characters and plots. I would love to read something darker from you. :-) xxx