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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I suck, so here's a sneak peek at "Let Me In."

I suck. Yesterday my shift was changed and by the time I got home I had a million things to do, which lead to brain meltdown. So . . . I kinda forgot to post. Many apologies.

Now due to the lovely fact that I have to be up at 4:30am tomorrow I am keeping this post simple and sharing an unedited excerpt from my WIP "Let Me In." This is the project I started in October - which I think I have mentioned in a previous post - and I am slowly adding word to it at every opportunity I get.

So, it's in the very early stages, subject to change, so on so forth. Enjoy, and I hope you all have a lovely week.

~ * ~

Excerpt from Chapter One:

Paige rolled the tumbler between her thumb and index finger. “And this extra shot”-she waggled her finely plucked eyebrows-“a purposely chosen sweet cherry is to, Lia. May tonight be filled with some sexy fun, all of which will propel you in to a tomorrow full of some sort of renewed hope rather than regret.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

Following her direction I lifted the shot glass – the last of six – and knocked the sweet liquid back. My eyelids fluttered as the final hit of “liquid courage” ran down my throat and heated my insides to another degree. A shudder ran the length of my spine, and with one slow and deep breath, I shook off my previous tension.

The bang of glass on wood forced my focus back to the ladies sitting around me.

“Right, you know the rules girls; peruse the crowd and find yourself a man.” Paige lifted her fingers and pointed to her eyes. “Make eye contact, and if he gives you a smile, a “come hither,” or basically eye fucks you; you get your ass over there and tell him he is going home with you tonight.” She pulled ten dollars from her cleavage and placed it on the table. “If he is susceptible to that fabulous idea, then whoever is unlucky tonight gets to keep your ten dollars for another couple of rounds and a cab ride home.”

“All is fair in love and war, baby.” Michaela stood up and threw a ten dollar note on to the table. “And that blond is mine, all mine. Wish him luck, ladies, because he is going to need his strength tonight.”

We watched with amusement as Michaela prowled toward the blond. A coy smile curled his lips as she pushed up against him and whispered in his ear. Her hand landed on his chest, lingering, before she pulled away and walked into the crowd. A sultry glance over her shoulder, and the blond handed his beer bottle to his mate and followed without hesitation.

“God, she makes it look so easy,” Cindy commented with a shake of her head.

“It is that easy.” Paige leant across the table. “The main reason people come to clubs is because they want to hook up with someone for the night.”

“Silly me, I was always under the impression the point of a club was to come dancing and have fun.” I replied.

She cocked her head to the side. “Oh sweetie, you are not that naive. And playing dumb is not going to get you out of the game.” Paige glanced over her shoulder. “So, on that note, who is the lucky guy going to be?”

“No idea.” I shrugged, and looked out at the mass of bodies crowding the club. “This may take me a while.”

“Oh, I’m in no hurry for you to pick.” She twisted round, and draped one leg over the other. “I have a backup plan in the form of the sexy ass bartender.” She folded her arms and shot me a smile. “So, I’m good to wait.”

“Remind me again, how does putting myself out there to be used for one night actually help my self-esteem?”

“This isn’t about self esteem. This is about fun; sexy, dirty, orgasmic fun.”

“Oh, so I have fun and then continue to feel like crap once it is over? Right, now I remember why this is a really idiotic game.”

“Just pick or I will pick for you.”

“Go ahead and pick. I’m not going up to some stranger and saying, “hey baby, wanna get in my panties, so I can feel like shit in the morning.”

“Now, the first part might actually work. Just stop talking after the word panties, push your tits together, and bat your eyelashes. Simple.”

Grabbing the twenty dollars from the table, I stood up. “I’m getting a drink. Anyone who isn’t interested in feeling cheap in the morning want one?”

Cindy raised her hand. I glanced at Loretta who nodded.

“You use to be fun.” Paige sighed, and stood up. “Shaun has really-”

“Done enough. So, please stop reminding me.” The words felt like gravel in my mouth as I bit them out. Twisting round, my shoulder met with a solid wall of muscle. Stumbling to a halt, I looked up and an apology died on my tongue. Amber eyes looked down at me from the sexiest face I had ever seen in my life; high cheekbones, a roman nose, and a fine layer of hair covered a well angled jaw. His skin was the richest tone of copper, and his dark hair fell back in waves and stopped just under his ears.

“Sorry.” The words fell from my lips too silent for the stranger to have heard me, but his lips twisted at the corners.

His large hand came to rest on the small of my back, his fingertips hot, and rough against my bare skin. He leaned in, pressing his mouth to my ear. “It was my fault entirely.” His breath skated down my neck causing goosebumps to rise over every inch of my flesh A shudder racked down my spine. “And I’m happy to take the blame.”

My mouth watered at the scent of his spicy cologne. A blush claimed my entire body as he pulled a breath away and gazed down at me. His focus slipped further, resting on my breasts which felt restricted in the idiotic and binding dress.

“Have a drink with me.”

My mouth fell open. Amusement stretched across his face.

“I-er-” seemed to have lost the ability to form a coherent sentence all of a sudden. Embarrassment caused my skin to flush a shade darker. I was standing in front of possibly the sexiest man I had ever laid my eyes on, and I was acting like a bumbling idiot. The floor really needed to open up and swallow me within the next ten seconds.

“She would love too.”

My focus swung to Paige who appeared beside us. She placed her hand on my shoulder and gave me a gentle squeeze. “She likes white wine.”

“I do?” I looked back at the man. “I mean, yes, I-I do. And I would love too. Have a drink, with you.” Nervous laughter bubbled in my throat as I gave him a polite smile. “Thank you.”

“It would be my pleasure.” He slipped his hand from my back and nodded. “I shall be right back.”

The stranger turned and I found myself angling my head to the side in order to admire his fine form. And boy what a form he had. Built in the upper area, solid shoulders, broad hips, well built thighs, and an ass that any sane woman would want to chew on.

I shook my head and looked at Paige. “What the hell just happened?” 

She slipped her arm round my waist. “You hit the jackpot, Sweetie. And I am so fucking jealous.”

“I can’t have a drink with him.”

Her brow furrowed. “Why?”

“I-I don’t know him. I don’t even know his name.”

“And that would be why you’re having a drink, because daddy likes what he sees, baby, and by the way he was looking at you I think he plans to take you home and do wicked things to you with those hands of his.”
Shivers ran down my spine at the idea of his hands all over my body. The small of my back still burned from the heat of his palm. “I-I can’t?”

“Are you seriously telling me that you wouldn’t want to wrap your legs around that” - she pointed to the stranger - “and let him take you for the ride of your life and every damn way you can think of? Are you seriously going to tell me that you aren’t interested in finding out what that yummy mouth of his can do?”

My core clenched at the ideas. Needless to say my body was as hungry for the answers to those questions as Paige was, but . . . . I had been with Shaun for six years; it had been a long time since I got naked in front of another guy, let alone sleep with one.

“If you say you’re not interested then single women everywhere will like drop dead from universal shock. I mean, that is a man, Lia. A wicked, sexy, man of every woman’s fantasies, kind of man. And he asked you to have a drink with him.”

“But why me?”

“Who cares why? The man is smoking hot.”

I twisted round so he was out of my line of view. “Paige, I’m so out of practice with this shit.”
She cupped my cheek and stared me in the eyes. “Let him lead. All you have to do is follow. That is how simple this is.” She grabbed my bag from the table and handed it to me. “Go. Have a drink. Have fun. Have sex, and then call me tomorrow because I want to know every dirty little detail.”

I glanced over my shoulder.

“Forget about that dickhead, Shaun. Just go have fun.” She turned me round by the shoulders and gave me a gentle push. “You deserve some fun.” 

~ * ~

And let me tell you, she has fun. Life changing with major consequences kinda fun, but fun nevertheless. ;-P

Hope you enjoyed that little tease. I know I mentioned that I would fill this weeks post with jokes, but hopefully you will forgive the lack of cheese, because I could always throw them at you next week. ;-D

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