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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Future genres I'd like to write.

Elizabeth's question to me: Is there a particular genre that you would like to write (which you haven't already?) And do you think you will someday?

Quite a few! I'd love to write an erotic horror - and I mean a full-out HORROR with the suspense and shit-scary shenanigans and gruesomeness, and so on.

I'd also quite like to write a contemporary romantic or chick-lit erotic comedy, sort of like Friends or Sex and the City in erotic novel format.

I'd also love to write some kind of really intelligent literary, ground-breaking novel, that would probably be like a psychological thriller/suspense or something, but I'm pretty sure I never would because my slightly lewd sense of humour (and love of weaving eroticism into everything) would pretty much ensure it's not ever going to win a Nobel Prize! There seems to be this undercurrent train of thought in the public consciousness that says if it has eroticism in it, it can't be that intelligent. That is so so wrong (Lolita, for example). I actually feel in some ways that we are more judgemental about taboo and controversial subjects that we used to be, what with all the "political correctness" that colours our culture nowadays. It's a great shame - minds need encouragement to be opened, and not a scolding for trying.

Now, I am not comparing my work to that of such literary masterpieces; merely saying that I'd like to be able to write something like that one day and weighing up the reality :)

Thanks for the great question, Elizabeth!

Dianna xxx

1 comment:

  1. I think you would completely rock at writing an erotic horror.

    Never say never, hun. You might just write a masterpiece; not that you would know it straight away, but it's very possible. ;-) xx