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Monday, 19 August 2013

Why Scotland?

Love Dianna’s question for me today: What made you want to set your werewolf series in Scotland?

It’s been so long since I have talked about My Blood Series. There is a reason for that, and one I can’t go into just yet, but until the day of that post I’m just going to go ahead and say that the reason is . . . Wide open spaces.

Yup, I set a big part of the series in Scotland because of the glens, moors, hills/mountains, forest and fields.
When I decided I wanted to write about werewolves I automatically knew that my Werewolves were going to be old school; monster wolves. I’m talking similar to The Wolf Man (in both the titled movie and Van Helsing), the guys out of Underworld. Yeah, my werewolves can walk around and fight like men in wolf form. These guys are big. I’m talking “monster! Grab your pitchforks and torches” scary big. So, they needed space. They needed freedom to run wild, and it just made sense to me. I mean what better place to set my Pack then in Farr, Scotland. Right up top.

I couldn’t see these big bulky wolves running wild in cities. Don’t get me wrong, some of my Weres live in the city, and other Packs outside the country have to. I just wanted my main pack to be in Scotland. It felt right. Scotland just made sense to me. Plus, Scottish men? Yes please. Scottish Werewolves? Hell yes. How could I not have Scottish Weres? Owen MacLaren in a kilt? That's a bone melting, mouth watering, heart stopping image, right there. ;-D

Plus, Scotland is beautiful, and full of history and myths. It’s magical and a place where it is very easy to imagine such creatures roaming, don’t you think?

Although it is mainly UK based, and my main characters are from the UK, the series does move around a little.

The Blood Series Prequel: She-Wolf – is set in Scotland.
Book One: Cranberry Blood – is set in London and Scotland.
Book Two: Untitled – is going to be set in Rome, Venice . . . and I’m still kinda figuring the rest out.

Big jump in scenery, not to mention weather. Why you ask, well, you’re just going to have to wait and find out. ;-P

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