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Monday, 2 September 2013

A superheroes pet

Dianna's question for me today actually made me laugh: What's the best pet for a superhero, or paranormal romance hero to have?

Superheroes can of course have pets. As an average pet I would say a dog. One would imagine being a hero can be rather lonely and dogs are fab company.

As a pet for them in super mode, or for a paranormal romance hero, I guess it depends on what type of super hero or paranormal hero they are. I would say hawks and eagles, any form of big cat - jaguar, leopard etc - of a wolf would be my top choice. Birds are nice and stealthy and can deliver messages etc. Cats and wolves are protective, can stand their own ground and help in a fight.

I suppose it is all dependant on, like I said, the character of the superhero and what the purpose of a pet would be.

Now, the reason I actually found the question amusing is down to one of my back-burner projects. You may, or may not, recall me mentioning a WIP called Charged. Now, this book actually features a vigilant whose partner actually is a shifter of sorts. Naturally, he's not her pet, no where close, but he is important to her despite the fact that his morals are a little to grey for her liking.

Here's a rough excerpt - and introduction to Christopher - from the first draft:

It was amusing how despite three years away I could still navigate my way through the streets of Boston. How the stench and the noises were like breadcrumbs on trails I had walked so many times. It was also amusing how the mass amount of scum inhabiting this once successful city still hung about in their usual holes; how they kept to their routines as if they had nothing to worry about, ever.

It was funny how easily people forgot who the hell I was and why they hired me in the first fucking place.

The amusement was well worth it, especially when I swung in to the VIP lounge of The Cube and surprised Jimmy McKenzie and his entourage. The look on his face alone was enough to lift my mood for the next few hours.

Tension automatically took over his skinny form as his dark eyes widened at the sight of me. He dug the heels of his Italian loathers in to the crimson carpet as he clutched at the leather beneath him and scrambled to his feet. “You?”

I flashed him a smile as I slid my glasses in to my inner jacket pocket. “You look surprised to see me, Jimmy. Is there a reason for that?”

“Kill him.” The words were rushed as they stumbled past his thin lips.

The click of metal sounded to my right.

Grabbing the goon with the gun, I hauled him up and over, throwing him in to the pair on my left. The three females that had been draped over the curved leather sofa finally clocked on, and with decibels almost strong enough to break my eardrums, they trampled over one another to get out of the room.

I launched myself at a stunned Jimmy. The weight of my body knocked him back on to the sofa. I pressed my right knee in to his gut. I rammed my extended nails into his upper arms. A rough scream vibrated in the back of his throat as I pinned him down.

“Tell your men to leave the room.” I placed my face a mere inch from his and showed him the edge of my fangs. “Now.”

Charged as well as it's interlocking story Tainted are currently on my back-burner. This is the type of story - series and world - where it took me a while to figure out what I have so far and as I write I keep discovering more and more. I'm a panster. I tend to let everything come to me and then write out plans. It's not always the smart way to go about writing stories. Trust me.

This series is big, and a little complicated, and although I have 15k on Charged and 8k on Tainted, I can't and wont rush with these two books; even though I really want to write them. But as it currently stands I don't have the time to work on them at the moment due to a sudden change in schedule brought on by me getting my rights back to some or my other books. Something I intend to explain in some detail over at my blog this Friday.

So, what's the best pet for a superhero? In my opinion, and if I were a superhero I would totally get me a big cat, and if he just so happened to shift into someone as delicious as Christopher, well, bonus. :-P

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