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Monday, 14 October 2013

Notebook or Computer?

Diana's Question for me today: Do you ever still write chapters out in a notebook, or do you only ever use your PC / laptop?

I tend to stick to using my computer, but there are occasions when I will be sitting at my desk simply staring at the page. If fifteen minutes goes by and nothing happens, I tend to turn my computer off and grab a pen and notebook (cos I do have a couple of those) and sit down somewhere a little more comfortable and try again. In my mind if words aren’t happening, well, I would rather save some electric and go old school.

Most of the time when I am using a pen and pad I tend to end up writing dialogue for scenes with minimal detail noted down. Then, when I go to type up what I have on the computer I fill the scene out a little more. I have no idea if that is cheating slightly, but as far as I’m concerned as long as make some form of process it doesn’t really matter what is written in where and how. I tend to add more when I do edits anyway.

So, a bit of both. I prefer my computer, but I always keep a notebook handy if I’m not having a lot of luck, or if I’m away from home and therefore my computer. ;-P

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