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Monday, 3 February 2014

Animal-Human Hybrid

Dianna's question for me this week comes at a fun time as I am currently mapping out my own world  for a new project I will be working on before starting work on Blood Book 2.

Decadent Publishing have a new submission call, Beyond Fairytales, and when I read it there was no way I couldn't take part. So, I applied and have been assigned a Grimm's Fairytale to rework and retell, and I have decided I am going to step in to the realms of fantasy, but in order to do so I have had to create my very own world, and well, it's a world I have been picking at and adding too since I started writing books, and it just so happens that the "creature" which is mentioned in Dianna's question is one of this world inhabitants - well, a version of some type of this creature.

The question: If you had to be an animal-human hybrid (not a shifter, but in the permanent hybrid state for all to see), which animal would you choose to share your body with and why?

Picture taken from Wikipedia
Oh yes, I have a certain type of creature in this world, but I will save those details for another time. This question is actually really easy for me to answer, because I have actually thought about this before. Yes, I'm weird, otherwise hey, I'm a writer, of course I think about stuff like this.

If I was an animal-human hybrid I would be part Cheetah. Why? Because they are sleek, graceful, and beautiful. Having two house cats I tend to watch them and they are playful, funny, jump great heights, I loved the way cats walk, they look like they're strutting, and of course you have claws, fangs, you can see in the dark, you have good hearing, but the main reason why I would happily share my body with a cheetah is because they can run really freakin' fast; like up to 60mph. Insane!

So, there we go, if I could be an animal-human hybrid, I would be a human/cheetah lady. ;-P

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