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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Best Valentine's Day I've Ever Had

So, Elizabeth asked me what the best Valentine's Day I ever had was. I almost didn't answer this question, because the answer is ... none. I still think I have the best Valentine's Day to come. Honestly, all my Valentine's Days have been kind of average and I think the reason might be one of two (or both).

  1. I find Valentine's Day to be horribly commercial, and I would rather someone made some grand romantic gesture for me on some random day that meant more than Valentine's Day, and all my partners have known this.
  2. My expectations are probably sky high. A 'best Valentine's Day' for me would be to be whisked away to some exotic place on a two week holiday - private villa on a private beach where we can have loud sex six-ways 'til Sunday - where everything was paid for and I didn't have to worry about a thing except being pampered and filling my days with explorative adventures.

Well, that costs a hell of a lot of money, and I've never ended up with rich guys! But in my head, I've always thought I'd just earn that kind of money and pay for it myself, you know? I never grew up thinking my man would be providing, but that I would provide for myself. Not very romantic, I know, but perhaps more realistic ... a little :)

There you have it. But I sincerely hope that YOU have a 'best Valentine's Day' either tomorrow, or soon!

In the meantime, here's the latest teaser from The Spell of Summer to keep you going...

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend, everyone.

Dianna xxx