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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Blog tours, bespoke jewellery and my witchy box.

First of all, the major news is that pre-orders for The Spell of Summer are up :D

Secondly, I totally blame Dzyne'd It for the fact that I've been looking at charms and pendants for three days solid. Making jewellery could totally become a mini-obsession with me if I didn't already have my hands full with writing and parenting and, well, everything else!

Sam from Dzyne'd It is making me four one-of-a-kind necklaces for The Spell of Summer Blog Tour - the dates are below, so look out for those giveaways!

And I've got to admit that putting charms, pendants and things together is a definite skill. I tried to put a "little thing" together today (no, I'm not telling), and it took me a whole fucking hour! I'm hoping with a bit of practice it'll take me fifteen minutes, because I've been pondering on an idea that now won't let go. You see, I have this witchy box, years old, full of herbs and roots and resins and all sorts, and shit-loads of bottles, pouches and packaging from when I used to own an online magic shop (yeah - I did that) ... so ... I had an idea for merchandise! And it's inspired by Dzyne'd It, but will be different as it's not jewellery per se...


When I get better at it, I'll take a picture.

This is what my day consisted of. That, and, I have also found the perfect eBook cover for the second book in the Once Times Thrice series, providing The Spell of Summer does well enough :) In fact, I may go and start on a proof of the cover now, just because I'm in an arty mood :D

Oh, what was that? You wanted a picture of my witchy box? Okay then! Please note that since clearing out my loft and finding two more boxes of stuff, my witchy box will become by witchy suitcase tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. Woop! Not long now. Very excited for the release of this amazing book. Readers you will LOVE it.

    lol I bought beads and charms etc and made bag charms when I released Razel Dazzle. I made 10 of them and it took me like 3-4 hours. Definitely takes time and practice I think, and I'm not sure it's my strong point lol

    Very cool box. I'm intrigued by this idea/creation you speak off. I keep meaning to get myself a smudging kit. Hoping it will help clear my space a little/get me in the zone.