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Monday, 19 May 2014

I love Gardening!

The gardening bug has bit me. Yes, it is that time of year again when the weather in the UK is starting to brighten up and the heat is beautiful.

I never thought I would be the type who enjoyed gardening, but it turns out I really do. I wasn't interested when I was younger, even though my family home had a decent back and front garden. No, the itch to garden was triggered when I moved to my current property. The gardens were actually messy when I first got here, and although this is my fourth year in this house, it took three years for my landlord to clear trees and the ivy that was eating my shed.

Both gardens were still a mess once he had played his part, but I kinda got addicted to tidying them both up. There is just something very therapeutic about pulling weeds, digging out roots, laying down weed control, slates, soil and sowing seeds, and call me sad, but when I see shoots, and flowers growing I'm happy, because I have nurtured those plants from seeds to full blown blossoming flowers.

I was always told that I needed to spend more time outside and with nature, that gardening would be a good way to ground myself. I spent yesterday in the garden. The sun was out. It was hot with a nice breeze. It was beautiful. And despite the fact that it is a pain to pull up stubborn weeds that have wedged themselves between paving slabs, by the time I was finished - and even though I had specks of soil on my arms, neck and face, and was a little on the wind swept and sweaty side - it was great to look at a neater pavement, and flower bed.

I didn't sleep so well last night, and work was rather on the long side today, so much so that when I got in I got a cup of tea, sat down, and didn't move for almost an hour. I was going to chill out, but I found myself getting irritated, because I was too tired to write, or do anything productive in that sense. So I went outside and did a little more gardening for two hours, and do you know what? I felt tons calmer and more relaxed once I had finished.

I think gardening is a good medicine. Certainly not something I would take up or even begin to love, but I do. The only problem is you tell family and friends you are fixing your garden up and enjoying it and you start to get grow your own tomatoes and all kinds of plants bought for Birthdays and Christmas. I even got a paint your on gnome one year. Ha. I painted him though. He looks great sitting in my garden. ;-P

What about you? Have you gained a new hobbie or interest that you never thought would have took your fancy years ago?

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